Photos: Big Fish Larger Than Humans Caught By Fisherman In Abuja Still Unsold

big fish caught fisherman abuja

Sept 5, 2016 – Pictures: Big Fish Bigger Than Humans Caught By Fisherman In Abuja Still Unsold

This monster fish was reportedly caught by a fisherman in Abuja over the weekend.

Marketing consultant Yomi Nigeria who shared these photos on the social media on Saturday said he met the seller by the road side at the junction of Apo Legislative Quarters Abuja but the outrageous price attached to the fish made it unsuitable for most Nigerians struggling to cope with the currently economic crisis.

The fish which is taller than some men reportedly costs 25,000 Naira.

As at yesterday, the seller is still unable to find a suitable buyer for it.

Rumors have it that people are no more approaching the seller because the fish has started decaying.

12 thoughts on “Photos: Big Fish Larger Than Humans Caught By Fisherman In Abuja Still Unsold

  1. He should have cut the fish into manageable sized and sold so it will not decay and he lose out on possible sales. Every fisherman knows that fresh fish is a perishable item that must be disposed off quickly but maybe this fisherman only wanted the value of displaying the fish so he is on record as the man who caught the largest fish in the locality. Being Naija, we will soon start hearing stories bordering on the superstitious about the catch..”… Like the fish is someone’s totem or that it is some deity.

  2. Hope this wont be a labour lost? anyway, another alternative now is to cut it into pieces and grill or smoke. Oga make hale while them sun shine.

  3. I SEEMS that this guy has made a mistake. Considering how perishable a thing that fish is, and with the present economic strains in the pockets of Nigerians, the guy could have sold off this fish without obstinately clinging to that N25,000 mark. Nowadays that the focus is mainly on food—meat and fish becoming luxury—that fish may decay in his hands and he would regret.

    BUT I CAN’T pretend not to notice the oddity in that pix above. A fish of this size should weigh something in the neighbourhood of 45–50kg. How could the guy easily and absently hold it with one hand, while chatting with his girlfriend using his phone in the other hand?

  4. My friend, you better sell that fish fast before you lose on both ends. How much did you buy it yourself that you want to include all your house rent, electric and water bills, and other bills to just a single giant crayfish?

    Talk about big fishes, then talk about Whales, Dolphins, Sharks etc…

    I killed a Male Buffalo just the other day and sold it just for a meagre $500,000**wink** Very cheap istn‘t it?

    Anyway, may this fish not later end up in the pots of your neigbours for free sha.
    Good sale and goodluck all the way.

    I take a stroll…

  5. fisherman acting like a novice in fish biz as if he doesn’t no fish dnt stay long. cut them into sizes nd smoke.

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