Photos: Boko Haram Captures & Beheads Female Soldier Toyin Ogunleye In Baga Borno State

boko haram beheads female soldier baga borno

April 2nd, 2016 – Pictures: Boko Haram Captures & Beheads Female Soldier In Baga Borno State..RIP Toyin Ogunleye

Meet Toyin Ogunleye, a graduate of Tai Solarin College of Education who joined the Nigerian army in 2013.

She was posted to the North East last year but sadly she was among the three soldiers captured by the insurgents in one of deadliest attacks on the military in Baga Borno state last year.

Her family accuses the military of covering up her death even though they knew she was beheaded.

“The news is real. I know her well. She joined Nigerian Army in 2013.” – said a colleague, Adewale Adeeko

Another soldier posted to the North East, Sunny Samuel said he was lucky to have survived the bloody attack that took the life of Toyin Ogunleye.

In his words:

“It was sad because we trained together and we were posted to the North East together. The attack that took her life was a bloody one, which took place at Baga in Borno State.

It was only the grace of God that made some of us to survive the unfortunate attack. RIP Toyin we will continue to miss you”.

Check out more photos of late Toyin Ogunleye

toyin ogunleye female soldier beheaded boko haram

This lady looks a bit too young to be on the battle field.

May her soul rest in peace and may God comfort her family members.

53 thoughts on “Photos: Boko Haram Captures & Beheads Female Soldier Toyin Ogunleye In Baga Borno State

  1. Can this little girl handle a gun talk less of combating a terrorists
    The military is not well equipped, it is a pity

  2. This is disheartning! Really really disheartning!!!
    She died on the line of duty while serving her fathers land.
    She died a Heroine. Hope the FG remembers her family.
    Toyin, may your soul REST in peace in His Kingdom.

    My strolling continues NOT.
    I am mourning for our Heroic Toyin.

  3. It is callous and wicked of the military to send young and inexperienced girl who had barely stayed over over one year in the North East to face boko haram. Let the Nigerian army investigate the circumstances surrounding sending her to war front when thousands of older soldiers are roaming the streets of Lagos. I will not be surprised if she was sent as a punishment for her refusal of a sexual overtures by a superior officer.


  5. This lady is very young and pretty. As for handling guns, she can do it so perfectly. It is so painful that these evil sect has ended her life this way.

    My guess is that a senior officer had made passes on her which she turned down. And then to purnish her, she was posted to that hostile zone. Many junior officers sacrifice their salaries in order to remain down south where we have relative calm.

  6. If I even have strength, I would have joined the military but I can’t even jump or run fast because of fracture. Nigeria is backward on side of employment.

  7. RIP, dear. In the civilized world, women don’t go on combat missions. It’s only countries where you have the likes of Buhari that the young, the inexperienced and above all females in uniform are sent on suicide military missions like shekau sending young girls on similar missions. You were sacrificed for the change Nigerians wanted and got. Once again, RIP.

  8. We have grown up soldiers,i see no reason why this young girl should join them in the battle field. My condolence to her family.


  10. Hnnnn, this is a GIRL, she is too young to be in Battle field. NIGERIA?
    May her soul rest in perfect peace.

  11. Nigerian Army please don’t tell me you sent this young woman in an arms way less than two years she joined the service. For crying out loud,this young promising cadet suppose to be under training not to talk of sending her to war front. I don’t think she had enough training to go through combat procedure and meet face to face with the enemy. If this girl was truly captured and beheaded by Boko Haram, that means the blame should be on Nigerian Army. The parent of that young soldier must sue Nigerian Army for willfully sent that girl in an arms way knowing fully that she lack such experience to go to war front. What a hell wrong with NA? Does this entity has a guidelines of how to select of who and who goes to war? even if she insisted or volunteer to risk this, I think it is the duty of NA to turn her down if not due to inexperience but as a female. Women can provide support such as food, toiletries for their counterparts in the Battlefield but not to fight in any war. United States Military with their well equipped armour has never put women in combat state. Nigerian Soldiers have you lost your damn mind?

    • It’s so sad she died but u r talking nonsense,b4 u join the army u would hav signed ur death warant ok,or u can go to the army baracks n tell dem

      • @Tosin, pls learn how to correct people without necessarily provoking them to anger. Nothing calls for that insult.

  12. A word of advice to the NIGERIA ARMY personnel please for the sake of GOD do not send newly recruitment young boys and girls to the battle field to face BOKO HARAM Firstly, they do not have enough experience, no weapons to protect themselves while they are on their own so young to die at this age Am really sorry for her parents may GOD CONSOLE AND COMFORT THE PARENTS AND MAY HER SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE.

  13. Lack of job made her join army… I almost did the same thing,but I have to consider some things 1st… RIP,too young to die… I hope the army avenge your death…

  14. how can they send this little soldier to the
    land of the death born state.I can never join soldier. I rest my case.

  15. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. To the family, please take heart and pray that God will console you all in JESUS mighty name.

  16. do not blaim the Nigerian military for her death she joined the military she knew the risks it was her duty it is a sad thing that she was killed but she did it to protect her country do not insult her memory rather pray for her colleagues fighting over there that it will be over soon and the bloodshed stop to the soldier i say god watch over you rip to her family i say u have given it all to this country do not cry but be proud Ur daughter will be remembered in every Nigerian who hears of her case and her death will inspire us to stand up to this threat before it tears this country apart

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