Photos: Drama In Rwanda As Pastor Forces 480 Church Members To Convert To Islam

pastor converts church members to islam

August 27, 2015 – Pictures: Drama In Rwanda As Pastor Forcefully Converts 480 Christians, Church Members To Muslims

They came to worship as usual only to be forced to convert to Islam.

This is the story of Salim Mikdad, a pastor in a village in Rwanda who took it upon himself to convert his followers to Islam after an Islamic cleric preached to him.

This happened on Tuesday August 25th, 2015.

This is not funny!!!! See the confusion on their faces…e be like say dem dey funeral…Na wa ooo.

46 thoughts on “Photos: Drama In Rwanda As Pastor Forces 480 Church Members To Convert To Islam

  1. People are funny with their comments …if it was a Muslim that converted to Christianity no problem … But if it was the other way round people will start saying something different.. Allah is Great .

    • Hi my brother #justice wht make u abuse other people’s religion stay with ur limit and have respect am muslim and i will not abuse u. u don’t undestand islam go and study.Respect is perermount.

  2. One thing i know is that they may threaten this people to do this so as to show the world that things are changing to their side,
    Muslim convert to xtian everyday but no xtian is going to convert back to muslim just like that, so what do u expect them to do so that the world will still have something to say like T.Bello….Allah which is God is Grate, every religion knows that, but we are talking about the conduct here… We all serve same God but we separate the understanding, one is harsh and the other one is kind.. and our God is GOOD and KIND God.

  3. Life is far beyound religion. Religion means noting. Attitude towards ur fellow being, d society, an ur relationship wit God is wat matters. Religion is a group. U hav d ryt to choose any one u wish is oky by u, . Many pple in d Bible worshiped God. Not religion, they prayed in d temple, som gathered in d sanctuary, we were not told if it were christain or muslim, today, is indians dat worships in d temple, does it mean dat God doesnt answer their prayers? He does. Cristains worship in d sanctury an in tabanacle too, an God answers their prayers too.. so i believe dat d confusion in religion started from d 1st worship leaders, an bcos of greed as human which dey r, dey seperated an gave name to watever dey belived in. So worship God d creator, an do his will, forget religion ok?

  4. Forced dem? Pls how many is dat pastor dat all d church membas could not beat him up & tie him 2 a pole?


  6. Did God not tell us not to judge anyone, that judgement belongs to him alone? Please, let the words of our scriptures about God guide our horrible utterances.

  7. From their confused faces you can see that they don;t know what it is all about, Heaven help us .Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing LOL

  8. That’s the beauty of Christianity ‘free in and exit’ can Islam allow that? In Quran 48:52 & 88:23-24 Allah prescribed severe punishment for whosoever that turns back from his religion, Allah commanded that disbelievers or he who abandoned Isllam should be killed. In Nigeria and elsewhere those who rejected Isllam always go into hidden. Islam should be a shame of her double standard a religion of bondage ‘no one who goes in ever come out and be save,Islam is ready to force people into its den, Muhammad claimed that Muslims and demons prostrate and worships Allah five times a day.
    Believe me, these innocent souls in this picture were either diverted, lured or compelled into Islam as usual, believe me if any one these innocent people attempt to quit, you ll not believe what will happen to him unless God intervened.

    • Satan quotes bible same as you quoting quran….u a daft indeed to have misled thousands of ppl…FYI, Quran chapter 48 has no verse 52

      Moreso the other chapter saith thus:- [88:23] Thou hast no authority to compel them.
      [88:24] But whoever turns away and disbelieves,
      [88:25] Allah will punish him with the greatest punishment.
      [88:26] Unto Us surely is their return,
      [88:27] Then, surely, it is for Us to call them to account.

  9. Nonsense! How is this by force? How do you forcibly make this crowd do the prayers? I can’t see gunmen surrounding them, yet they didn’t just walk away.

  10. it is a set up to say peopel are converting to islam, because they no that this islam now are days is another thing.

  11. To all with hateful statements to this post, i pray God to forgive you of your ignorance. Like angee’s comment religion is about your commitment towards One God. Mind you, not all calling the name of God will see his kingdom except for the righteous ones. So, be mindful of your statements and remain bless.

  12. Attitude matters a lot. Your character towards ur followers is paramount.
    for a whole congregation to turn into Islam religion goes far beyond religious matter.
    I m convinced that the pastor is a v good man and trustworthy.
    don’t let use d word FORSE. with gun, money or what.
    human beings can easily fall in love with u and whatever u do.

  13. Jesus is the light of the world, the world of God&saviour to lead men through the narrow way. Muslims, Atheist, Pagans, Hindus, etc are on the broad road to hell. Repent or carry on. And no matter what you say, you are almost there. So the choice is yours foul mouthed fanatics.

  14. allahakbar… allahakbar..allahakbar… hater attention plz one day u know what’s allah, what’s islam……. read quran to know everything about peaceful islam……..

  15. Islam is the only of way ***** if you wanna know the secret you don’t know abt xtianity, hook up with converted Pastors to know their reasons these reasons are beyond typing

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