Photos: Ghanaian Girl Killed By Electrocution While Using Cell Phone Connected To Power Bank Charger

ghanaian lady electrocuted phone

May 28, 2015 – Pictures: Ghanaian Girl Dies Of Electrocution While Using Cell Phone Being Charged, Lady Electrocuted By Power Bank

This story reveals the danger of using your cellular phone while plugged to an electrical outlet or charger.

The lady pictured above simply identified as Blandina died on Monday while talking with a friend using her cell phone which was plugged into a power bank that was connected to an electrical outlet.

Recall that Ghana has been experiencing power outages since last month… Blandina accidently forgot the power bank on her neck after the chat.

It was a sudden power surge that caused the cell phone power bank to overheat. It melted and got stuck on her skin. She got electrocuted in her sleep.

Her parents were shocked when they discovered her dead body on the floor of her room.


10 thoughts on “Photos: Ghanaian Girl Killed By Electrocution While Using Cell Phone Connected To Power Bank Charger

  1. Too bad, this is what we call bad lucky or accident. However, it has become an example to many of us around the globe.

    More especially in Africa, particularly in Sub Saharan Africa.

    See you.

  2. This girl probably wouldn’t have died if it wasn’t for the DUMSOR, DUMSOR!!! Ghana government shame on you!!!

  3. It’s impossible for her to die from electrocution. If this is a true story then her death would require really special circumstances to occur.

  4. I find that Ghana have a big power support not cause a black out girl wouldn’t have died she not knowing that her phone killed accidents happen can blame the family they knowing it that that happen. It’s all part of life we managed.

    • You shouldn’t blame the family it accidents that happen unsuspected. All part of life not if a parent or family will die God not plan them this what happens you get old or ill ended passing on suddenly.

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