Photos: Irish Woman Who Married 300 Year Ghost Of Dead Haitian Pirate Talks Sex With Spirit


woman marries 300 year old ghost dead pirate

January 16, 2018 – Photos: Irish Woman Who Married 300 Year Ghost Of Dead Black Haitian Pirate In Atlantic Ocean, Talks About Sex With Spirit

A woman who is tired of looking for a perfect mortal man to marry after her marriage crashed has defended her decision to marry a ghost.

Meet Amanda Teague,45-year-old Irish Woman, popular impersonator of Captain Jack Sparrow(fictional character in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series).

amanda teague

Over the weekend, photos of Amanda, a mother of five marrying the ghost she named Jack Teague went viral on the social media.

She told the media on Sunday that her unseen husband is a black Haitian Pirate who was was killed for  his crimes in the 1700s.

Amanda said she goes out on dates with Jack the Ghost, argues with him like a real man and even has sex with him in the spirit. …. Say whaaaat??

Here is what she said about her bizarre marriage to Jack the Ghost.

Amanda hired a spiritual medium to allow her husband to communicate during the bizarre wedding ceremony that took place in the Atlantic Ocean, off the Irish Coast.

Her wedding cake…

Photo credit: Daily Mail UK