Photos: Mad Woman Gives Birth To Baby Girl Inside Bush In Ghana

mad woman gives birth inside bus ghana

April 25, 2016 – Pictures: Mentally Unstable Woman Delivers Baby Girl Inside Bush At Effiakuma In Ghana

A mentally unstable woman living inside the bush at Effiakuma in Takoradi area of Ghana has put to bed.

The 42-year-old woman was seen taking care of her newborn baby in the same bush where she is said to have been living for over 4 years now.

Onlookers managed to take the baby from her to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

According to residents of Effiakuma, this is the second time the lady will give birth in the bush.

Her relatives usually come for the baby. See photos..

16 thoughts on “Photos: Mad Woman Gives Birth To Baby Girl Inside Bush In Ghana

    • Guy, I cant help but LMAO any time I read your comment, you are a certified Clown of the federal republic (CCFR) May you never succeed in killing me with laughter.

  1. @ifyco ur question is very funny. God have mercy, despite her condition, she’s still a mother. God’s ever great.

  2. Taaa Bench, which Fayose? U sure say no be u de go do de woman de tin? Bcos I no say, with d way wey u d get interest 4 any matter wey concer Nkpoki, if she give u 2 do, u no go mind sef.

    Ok o…me i no dey o.. I don waka go.

  3. lol.@ Bench, but fayose just came back from China now and not Ghana so u have no proof he was d one ke. abi na u?

  4. lol.@ Bench, but fayose just came back from China now and not Ghana so u have no proof he was d one ke. abi na u?

  5. But seriously, some men are truely bad. Who the hell is making love to this woman of all the women in Ghana?

    There are certain things that really beats my imagination. Such as this very one.
    How can I, D Hunter, make love to a mad woman even if my life depend on it????????????????????????????????

    Tufiakwa! God forbid a squadrillon times and over! Chai. People that when they only passed by you the on the way, atmospheric condition changes instantly with foul smell, cant imagine the enormity of stench that will ooz out of their pussy.
    Yet some forest worthy creatures still gathered the timerity to go make love to them, CHAI…I feel like throwing up this minute? Chaaaii.

    I wanna take a bow out of this place fast!

  6. Something de tell me say Bench na de culprit. When I don smoke finish he go look for the woman and gi am bele and come vamoose fiam
    Walahi if he swear ogun on this him no go survive.

  7. Funny comments trending here. Anyway, I think it’s probably some ritualists that put that mad woman in that way.

    But what amazes me is how strong that madness makes people to be. Without going for ante-natal or scanning; without any form of medication whatsoever, she carried her child to term and self-delivers. This is more than strength; it is strongity. How many women can try this?

  8. What amazes me is the healthy condition of that baby. My questions are…..which food did she eat during the pregnancy, which drugs did she use, which doctor took her antenatal care? Despite that she had no adequate care, God took care of the baby and normal people that get pregnant and have good antenatal care will have pre-term babies or one congenital deformity or the other. God is just awesome. Ka bi o o si.

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