Photos: Meet Alabi Pasuma’s Children & His 3 Known Baby Mamas

pasuma children pictures

July 1st, 2015 – Pictures: Meet Alabi Pasuma’s Children & His 3 Known Baby Mamas

The man of many women himself, Fuji star Wasiu Alabi Pasuma is fond of dating socialites all over the world.

His three known baby mamas (one in Nigeria and 2 overseas) delivered 10 children for him.

Alabi Pasuma is blessed with 10 children, 2 boys and 8 girls.

Check out their photos below:

10 thoughts on “Photos: Meet Alabi Pasuma’s Children & His 3 Known Baby Mamas

  1. It is apity that more women will still fall into his trap. He is not a husband material women beware

  2. To my own understanding i believe that pasuma is doing his things as Almighty Allah as plan it for him cause what ever happen to some1 is the plan of God I pray to God Almighty to lead him to the right path

  3. Behind A Successful Man There Must Be A Woman And The Sayings Of The Prophet Says A Man Is Incmmplete Without A Woman Becos Wowan Are Removed Frm A Man’s Rib So For A Man To Be Complete He Needs D Remaining Part Of His Rib. I Pray Almighty Allah Provide A Bliss Woman For You Soon N Keep The Mouth Of Foe Shut (amen) Live Long Mr Pasuma In Good Health, God Bless You And Your Family (amen)

  4. live him and tink of ur own life, pasuma is special on his own and he will always do a special tins, more grace to ur elbow ALABI.

  5. Pasuma is a star and a likable person, he never forced any woman to sleep with. If he so desires a wife in his life, the Almighty God will give him the very best that will accept him for whom he is in Jesus name. i have been Pasuma Fans since when i was at the higher institution then in Ilorin (Kwara Poly) i was even nick-named Lady Pasuma.

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