Photos: Meet TB Joshua’s First & Second Daughter, Barrister Serah Oyindamola & Promise Joshua

Serah Oyindamola joshuaSerah

December 20, 2015 – Pictures: Meet TB Joshua’s 1st & 2nd Daughter, Barrister Serah Oyindamola & Promise Joshua

Sarah and Promise are very lucky. They are Prophet T.B Joshua’s daughters and doing so well in life. Sarah was called to the Nigerian Bar on Wednesday December 16 and she’s also looking forward to be called to the New York bar in the United States of America soon.

Promise is 18 and study­ing Politics and International Relations at London School of Economics in the United King­dom. It’s obvious that they’re both apples of the renowned prophet’s eyes.

74 thoughts on “Photos: Meet TB Joshua’s First & Second Daughter, Barrister Serah Oyindamola & Promise Joshua

  1. What a blessed family, Man of God and mama God bless you more and more, we need you an Kenyan but I know one day I will come to SCOAN just for one Sunday service. It is enjoyable watching SCOAN service and mass prayer that commands blessing and breakthroughs on every side. Man of God you have come from far the secret you have that many people can or cannot tell is that you are very very HUMBLE, AGAIN VERY VERY HUMBLE. WHAT A HEART???? IT HAS AFEW SO TO SPEAK. BE BLESSED ONCE MORE.

  2. TB Joshua, You are a real man of God. Human being, they give names to what they do not understand and destroy what they understand. Whatever name they called you, God is in control. Am blessed through your teachings, messages etc. May the Lord Almighty protect you, your family and ministry in Jesus Name.

  3. No words can explain what God has put in our father TB joshua we all need to Rejoice and celebrete the grace!! His a sent man from heaven

  4. We are blessed to have our father Prophet TB joshua indid let’s us be thanckfully God is loveing

  5. Long live man of God. You have changed the lives of many. Please visit Kenya soon. Many of our Kenyan brothers and sisters are perishing for lack of knowledge.

    • Let me say thanks to you man of God as you are hearing and deliver people suffering from evil sprit Amen

  6. Man of God. When will you be coming to Kingston Jamaica. Please let it be soon. If I could afford the fairs to come to Lagos I would be there from a long time ago. God bless you and yours r family man of God

  7. Man of god I now one day iwill meet you everyday I’m praying with the Emmanuel TV man of God please pray for me I need house. Money and job I belief in god he will help me through your power amen

  8. We are really blessed to have you in our time prophet TBJoshua
    May God continue bless you and the beautiful family.I will meet you one day.

  9. Good morning brothers and sisters.We thank God Almighty Creator of heaven and earth for the blessing among us in our generation which is Prophet T B Joshoua.God is still the same yesterday,today and tomorrow ,he is still working through his servants.We love u Prophet ,we pray a long live for you .

  10. Prophet tb joshua,my mentor,my brother,my friend, my spiritual dad.I wish I knew about you years ago(my life would have been so different). But let me forget the past and concentrate on now…to read the word slowly,attentively,repeatedly NOW..I desperately want TO LEARN HOW TO LISTEN TO GOD’S VOICE(that’s one of my problem)I’m not hearing.Prophet, I LOVE you so MUCH(with a clean heart). I’d LOVE TO SHAKE YOUR HAND..and get a TOUCH..LOVE your wife,and children too..????

  11. May God bless the man of God TB Joshua indeed God. Is using you to do great wonder in peoples lives

    • AMEN! I just love man of God, senior prophet TB JOSHUA. I wish and pray everyday that God will locate and use me like him. You Nigerians should be very H..A..P..P..Y that almighty God endowed His grace on you and put His hidden golden favour in that country that the whole world is coming in there to tap from now. THAT’S JUST A SHARE FAVOUR!

  12. Praise God, I never seen like you a man of God, as a Prophet using by God, it’s to all people and my self blessed by God,

  13. Man of God, I worship God for your life. Through your anointing, the poor are blessed, the sick are healed, the afflicted are delivered, there is promotion, upliftmentnt , achievement, celebration , and just to name the few. May God continued to pour his anointing uponupon you and may SCOAN live for ever in Jesus Mighty name.

    It is because of Prophet TB Joshua that I surrender to Christ through his teaching and his philanthropic works

    Man of God pray for me. Since I gave my life to Christ, my life have been so miserable. No good thing seems to come my way nor matter how I prayed and tried to resist sin and devour times for God’s projects.

    Thanks and may God continue manifest in SCOAN

  14. The almighty Lord heal my body where ever am paining ,, send your blessings upon me , families and brothers and sisters . help me Lord to reach my achievement for life .I need work and long life in order my parents to see my success Amen!

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