Photos: Meet Tokyo Stylez, A Male Stylist Turned Female

tokyo stylez transgender

Feb 6, 2014 – Pictures: Meet Tokyo Stylez, A Male Stylist Turned Female

The guy pictured above was a male stylist popularly called Tokyo Stylez. As you can see in these pictures, he was a man who has changed his sex to that of a woman.

By the way, the hot man-woman (abi wetin we go call am) now has a boyfriend who adore him.

Lord please have mercy! What is this world turning into…… This pass my level oo.

See more pictures of the hot dude below

Transgender Tokyo Stylez and her boyfriend

See Tokyo Stylez On the far right

This is Tokyo Stylez on the right…. Can you spot any resemblance with Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh?

30 thoughts on “Photos: Meet Tokyo Stylez, A Male Stylist Turned Female

  1. Open hin nyash na smelly pampas u go see dia, his fellow olodo boy do cary pe**s skater his anus.. hell fire on earth.

  2. Nicely toned cheeks,but i suggest you increase the estrogen supplements and some implants too would be nice…wonderful look by the way!

  3. Such a beautiful woman…if i do say so myself…Science has truly made lives easier.. Now anyone with a mis-identity syndrome can get a sex-change.

  4. This is the sign of END TIME, because the Bible said that men will be lovers of themselves, so is not his forth that is the Bible fulfillment, so you that have opportunity pray so that you will fall into temptation at this END TIME brethren.

  5. what is all these nowadays. With the scarcity of men some men are doing their utmost to be women. God help us o. He still looks like man though. His physique still betrays him.

  6. Wtf he still remains a man to me look at his beards and his manful face wtf ntooooooo u r still a man there’s no atom of woman in u even miss Sahara better pass dis 1 Lwkmd

  7. Pls oo.. To be frank, d dude vewy much still luks lyk a male in ma eyez. Especially wiv d moustache. Nd for dat last pic, naijagist una get am wela. D guy shaa resemble tonto dikeh somhw. Nd he shuld go nd eat somtin to get him luk fresher. For cryin out loud, he’z lukin lyk a sick person wiv *d THING*… Oyiboz nd dia own style nawa o

  8. Can’t believe am responding to this, but can you lot stop judging other and find a better mean of looking after your own.. you wonder how the richest keep getting RICH..well they defo don’t spend their QUALITY TIME HATIN’. Tokyo is a Makeup Artist and A Hair Specialist, he works with top client in Hollywood..Man’s Good tho (FYI am Straight)

  9. davien God punish you. Blaze_boy you are stupid for calling clifford oche anything good. The old brat is a plastic old brat and carry pampers like garlic breath. U must b potential anus fuckers.

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