Photos: Meet Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Nigeria Latest Winner, Olalowo Olatokun

who wants to be a millionaire nigeria winner

Dec 6, 2014 – Pictures: Meet Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Nigeria Latest Winner, Olalowo Olatokun

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Nigeria Questions And Answers That Landed Lowo In Big Money

Meet Mr Olalowo Olatokun, the winner of Who Wants be a Millionaire Nigeria TV game.

olalowo olatokun

The tax officer for Lagos State Inland Revenue Service won a whopping 5 million naira on the last episode of the show.

Excited Olalowo Olatokun said he had been an audience since 2008.

Hear what he told reporters on Friday:

“I think I have lost count of how many times I have been part of the audience because it dates back to 2008. Being a part of the studio audience is exciting; you get to meet different people and hear different stories. Also, there’s something about the music-intro montage that makes my heart skip even when I watch the show from home.

“As for my prize money, I am going to leave it in the bank for now. I wouldn’t want to be careless with it while I think of the next step to take. I could support my brother who is into diesel business. I mean that’s an avenue to put my money and also support his business. To be honest, I think that’s about it. For now, I don’t have any immediate concrete project that is going to take that money. At least right now, something could come up tomorrow but right now, nothing,” .

Here are the Who Wants To Be A Millioanire questions and answers that landed him in the winning nest

  • Which of these would you have for breakfast? SANDWICH
  • Which of these is the name of a popular Nigerian musician? FLAVOUR
  • Which of these terms is used to refer to electricity? POWER
  • A chef will wear which of these to keep the hair out of the food being prepared? HAT
  • The eye is referred to as the organ of what? SIGHT
  • What does letter ‘A’ stand for in the examination abbreviation “A Level”?ADVANCED
  • Which of these is a nation in the Caribbean Sea? CUBA
  • Which two teams go against each other in the famous “El Clasico” football game? REAL MADRID & BARCELONA
  • Which year was Nelson Mandela released from prison? 1990
  • Who played the character of “Rambo” in the 1982 war movie ‘First Blood’?SYLVESTER STALLONE
  • The 2004 song entitled, My Boo was a duet by which of these American musicians? USHER & ALICIA KEYS
  • A slug is classified as which type of animal? MOLLUSK
  • On which part of the body would a doctor use an otoscope? EAR
  • Famous politician, Ahmed Ben Bella was a native of which country?ALGERIA

Congrats to him.

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