Photos: Meet Wizkid’s ‘Twin’ Brother Melvin

wizkid twin brother melvin

July 20, 2016 – Pictures: Meet Wizkid’s ‘Twin’ Brother Melvin

Take a closer look at these pictures, can you pick out the real Wizkid?

Pictured somewhere in this article is budding singer Melvin, a fan of Wizkid who is often referred to as Wizkid by friends.

Melvin is usually called Wizkid’s twin brother for his stricken resemblance to the Afro-pop star.

The resemblance is too striking. They even have the same bold facial expression.

15 thoughts on “Photos: Meet Wizkid’s ‘Twin’ Brother Melvin

  1. One of the reasons I’m crazy about myself is that nowhere in the whole wide world is there any man who looks this close like me. I’m too perculiar!

  2. I won’t be surprised if am told that Melvin is wizkid biological brother coz de resemblance is just too much

  3. well its kul 2 av sum1 hu luks juz lyk yhu!!

    so master wizzy now dah yhu knw yhu av a twin bro…nuh frm yhur mother tho…I guess yhu gat 2 do sumfin!!!????

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