Photos: Meet Young Igbo Boy Making 19-Hour Battery-Operated Fans For A Living In Aba

igbo boy making fans aba abia state

August 17, 2016 – Pictures: Meet Young Igbo Boy, Inventor Making 19-Hour Long Battery-Operated Fans For A Living In Aba Abia State

Meet another great millionaire in the making, 13 year old Ukoma Michael who hails from Ideato North LGA of Imo State.

He is currently based in Aba Abia State where his parents reside.

Michael is reportedly making battery-operated 19-hour long fans in different sizes.

His vision is to have his own company that will specialize in making fans, aircraft and engine parts.

Check out more of Michael’s inventions below

Naija is blessed with people of great talents.

17 thoughts on “Photos: Meet Young Igbo Boy Making 19-Hour Battery-Operated Fans For A Living In Aba

  1. this is a definition of raw and undiluted talent.. you are blessed boy and i pray God help you achieve your aim (in jesus name)

  2. @bench at least this is more advance than the one you are using.. i believe you will patronize this one now LWKMD

  3. Congratulations, my dear. One fateful day, you will take Nigeria to global heights and do your family and country proud. Keep up with the good work and may God be your guardian and protector from evil eyes and jealous people, amen.

  4. I just hope the govt will be able to do something inorder to support dis raw talent, so as for him not to rot away.
    This is what we av been asking our youths to be doing instead of joining bad gangs.
    Our prayers are with u to excel in all that u are aiming for, u are truelly blessed for using ur brains positively.

  5. This is incredible! The fact is many brained people in our dear country have been wasted because of the corrupt nigerian system. Many nigerians are intelligent but our government have not being able to tap and build on the full potentials of our youths in the country. A vast majority of our youths never achieved there dream because they are from average or poor family background like this young boy. Such ones never get the chance,the opportunity or privilege of the right environment to achieve there maximum potentials. This is how we waste our talents.
    This is some of the brains with which nigerian greatness is embedded and they are either buried or chased into exile. In european and north american countries, talented and the gifted children are often picked from young age,and the government ensure an excellent environment for this children to thrive so they can become master of there skills and be professionals when they grow up. But what do we see in our country? Lack of vision and empowerment for our youths,total neglecting of the under privileged. Our government should not allow our basket full of problem divert there attention from our talented youths in the country. Help is needed through affordable and sound education so our youths can become well equipped to contribute to the growth of our nation now and in the nearest future.

  6. Hello Ukoma, you are a very brilliant young man with bright future ahead of you. I sincerely wish you the very best of luck, ok? Just keep on doing what you are doing now believing that one day, people will recognise you as a successful young man who invented different types of fans for people to enjoy the cool breeze. Finally Ukoma, you have shown that, even against all odds, you are an inspiration to all young people in Nigeria and around the world too. Well done son. May the good Lord continue to give you the strength and perseverance toward your goals in life. PEACE & LOVE.

  7. Government will not motivate this talented boy by giving him good money to expand. They only know how to give money to criminals. Congrats boy

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