Nigerian Catholic Priest Rev Father EzinWanne Igbo Sacked For Breaking Seal Of Confession In Australia

Rev Father EzinWanne Igbo

Feb 11, 2018 – Nigerian Catholic Priest Rev Father , Deacon Justus EzinWanne Igbo Excommunicated From Church In Queensland Australia For Breaking Seal Of Confession

A Catholic priest in charge of Stella Maris Parish in Maroochydore area of Queensland Australia who was first accused of breaching confession secrecy rules back in 2016 has been ex-communicated from the catholic church.

Rev. Father Ezinwanne Igbo has been handed automatic excommunication for allegedly leaking confessions of church members after several complainants came forward in 2016.

However, his lawyer said Rev. Father Igbo defended himself after 12 people came forward accusing him of breaching confession secrecy.

nigerian catholic priest excommunicated australia

Terry Boyce said his client is planning to appeal the decision after he was found guilty by the church.

Justus EzinWanne Igbo

Here is a press Statement Archbishop Mark Coleridge released to confirm the ex-communication of Rev. Ezinwanne Igbo.

9 thoughts on “Nigerian Catholic Priest Rev Father EzinWanne Igbo Sacked For Breaking Seal Of Confession In Australia

  1. It is wrong for him to do that if the allegation is true. It is against the code of ethics. You cannot breach confession secrecy.Let him ask for remission from the Pope.

  2. If he broke the rules,let him face.if not,let him be restored back to orig position.if u live in a glass house,obey the simple rule.dont throw stones.just like u cheat on the exam hall,u get thrown out or dace malpractice

  3. Well it depends on what was said and how he went about it. Being one who works among the whites don’t rule out sentiments s. I thought that the Holy See should have personally heard from before an excommunication… What if he was set up… Nigerian in Charge of a White People’s Parish… I know what it entails.

  4. You just have to watch beyond that, human beings can do anything to distort another, invigorate it very will.

  5. May God have mercy on him. He is a merciful God. To err is human and to forgive is Divine. The question is did he realise his mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

  6. If he truly broke the seal of the confessional, allow him to repent and have the sentence lifted by the Pope if he confesses his sin and performs penance. If he did not do it, then I pray that he does not lie simply to enter back into communion. If this sentence is not just, then God knows that and will have mercy on him.

  7. To err is human, to forgive divine. All people commit sins and make mistakes. God forgives them ,please forgive him pope.

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