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Photos: Female Nigerian Doctor Duped Canada-Based Couple, Adedotun Grace Taiwo Wanted For 419 Scam

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Photos: Female Nigerian Doctor Duped Canada-Based Couple, Adedotun Grace Taiwo Wanted For 419 Scam

adedotun grace taiwo

May 4, 2015 – Pictures: Female Nigerian  Doctor Defrauded Canada-Based Family, Adedotun Grace Taiwo Wanted For 419 Scam

Letter received from a Canada-based Nigerian, Deacon Olusegun Odusanya who was defrauded by a female Nigerian doctor, Adedotun Grace Taiwo.

Here is a letter he wrote to the Nigerian Embassy in Ottawa.

Adedotun Grace Taiwo

This letter will help the readers better understand my experience so that they can be aware and prevent themselves from becoming victims of perpetrators who inflict dirty deeds on innocent people who try to help others and how they can be so easily taken advantage of. My Facebook friends can also share this sad story with their other friends outside of Facebook. This type of behaviour has to be stopped.Good day Your Excellency Honourable Chief Ojo Uma Maduekwe.

Please let me start by introducing myself and opening up the window of part of my life here in Canada, namely, when I met Dr. Adedotun Grace Taiwo. My name is Olusegun Olufowobi Odusanya. As I’ve stated Adedotun sent me a message on Facebook requesting my friendship but I did not respond to the request. Several months later during a Nigerian Association picnic held at MacDonald Beach of the Canadian Armed Forces Base in Shearwater, I met her. It was during being introduced to her that she identified herself as being the one who sent the friend request on Facebook and stated that I did not respond to that.

I explained that my reason for not responding to her request was because I do not accept the friendship of people I do not know. It was also during that conversation that she started sharing about who her relatives were in Nigeria and she mentioned that she was related to the Kuforiji family. It was then that I told her that she is related to me because one of my senior sisters was married to a Kuforiji.When I got home that day I called my senior sister in Nigeria and my senior sister in Texas. I shared with them the conversations I had with Adedotun and her stating that she was from the Kuforiji family. Both my sisters confirmed that, yes, she is a relative and how she was related. I let Adedotun know that I spoke with my family about what she had shared. This bought both me and my wife closer to her. The place where she was staying at the time, we told her to leave that place to come and stay with us. My wife and I welcomed her into our home with open arms. When she came to stay with us she informed us that she had 6 children back in Nigeria and that her husband had passed away 7 years ago; that she has had to look after them all alone.

I testified of the goodness of God in my life since I came to Canada and assured her that the same God who watched over me during all these years I’ve been in Canada, He is still able to do the same for her and her children too. She told me she would like to bring her family to come and settle here in Canada and that she had to write the medical exam for certification to be able to practice as a medical doctor here. She told me that the cost of writing the test was between $11,000.00 to $12,000.00. I told her that I would have to speak with my wife because this was lot of money.We took Dr. Adedotun (Grace) Taiwo to our Bank (BMO) for a loan, and she was advanced a student loan of $20,000.00. I co-signed the loan and she resided with us for approximately 3 months until she began sharing an apartment with a student at the south end of Halifax.

After sharing the apartment with the student for a period of time she told my wife and I that she was experiencing difficulty with her roommate . She was told that there was an apartment available in the building so she inquired about it. The apartment became available for her to be able to move in. During that time, she inquired about getting an additional $10,000.00 loan so my wife and I took her to the bank and they advance her another $10,000.00, then she moved into her own apartment. I drove her all over the city to buy furniture for the apartment to get situated so that she would have a place to bring her children when she was able to bring them. My wife and I gave her several household items for the apartment also. During the times of taking her around Adedotun always drew attention to herself through the displays that she gave everywhere I took her and I kept advising her that this was not Christian behaviour and that she should stop behaving in this manner. It was very embarrassing for me. After furnishing the apartment Adedotun also purchased a vehicle and had insurance put on it.

Once she got settled in her apartment she stated that she would like to go back to Nigeria to bring her children and put them in school here. I advised her that she could not just go back to Nigeria to bring her children here right now; that she should first write the certification exam to practice here as a medical doctor, get her own self established then she could go back to do whatever was necessary to bring her children. I took her all around to meet some of my friends who were doctors. She had a pamphlet with a picture of the Healthpark Hospital Ltd. at 1698C Oyin Jolayemi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, which she claimed she owned at the time.

My doctor friends offered to obtain the types of questions that would be needed help her in preparation for the exam but she did not listen to my advice . She had her own hidden agenda which I did not know at that time. In January of 2013, Adedotun travelled back to Nigeria to work on obtaining visa’s for her children and to sell all her properties so that she could finally move to Canada.

One day my wife and I went to do some banking and it was bought to our attention by the bank manager that Adedotun had not made any payments on the interest of the loan as she was supposed to. She had been several months behind in payment. We shared this with her and kept reminding her quite frequently. It was then that she started ignoring our phone calls and emails about the matter. We even sent the emails to her from the loans manager of the bank notifying her of the concern. A few days later in April she informed me that she was transferring into the BMO loan account an initial repayment of $800, and stating that a payment of at least $3,000.00 would be effected by the 20th of April, 2013. She apologized and thanked us for our usual understanding.

After the payment of $800.00 the payment of $3000.00 that was supposed to be affected by April 20th, 2013 has not been received to date. We have been continually calling and sending emails to Adedotun, with no payments to date. This matter was forwarded to the Collection Agency, still no payment or response from Adedotun.

By this time the loan had grown to $34,057.72 due to interest and nonpayment. A couple of months later I received a letter from the Bank of Montreal lawyer. The letter stated that legal action was going to be taken against her and myself because I was the co-signer for the loan. Immediately I tried to contact Adedotun by telephone with great difficulty then I forwarded a copy of the letter to her by email. I finally did get in touch with her and expressed the seriousness of this matter now. I gave her the lawyer’s telephone number and stated I would also be giving her number to him. The lawyer called her but presumably she decided not to answer each time he called.

On May of 2014 I got a phone call from Adedotun’s son in Vancouver. He informed me that I should expect a flight to arrive in Halifax in a couple of hours with 2 of Adedotun’s daughters. My wife and I were amazed because sending her children over to us was not discussed or an option. I went to the airport to pick them both up still in shock. My wife and I just couldn’t believe that she actually sent her daughters here without notifying us first. We realized that this was the continuation of our kindness being taken advantage of and a result of her not taking any of my advice. We also realized that the reason why Adedotun did not inform us that the girls were coming was because she assumed that because of her not making payments on the loan and ignoring our phone calls and emails, we would not agree to the girls coming to stay with us. The picture of Adedotun became more and more clear to us.

Since the girls’ arrival my wife and have been basically babysitting them. We haven’t been able to travel to see our grandchildren in Barrie, Ontario or have any type of vacation this summer because we just could not leave the girls alone in our home. We would have been responsible if anything happened to them if we were out of the province. The 19 year old started school at Dalhousie University one week after arriving, doing summer classes leading her up to regular school resuming in September. During this time, the 15 year old couldn’t start attending the Halifax Grammar School, which is a private school, because her mother had not paid her schools fees. Since school has resumed in September she did not attended school for 5 months because of nonpayment of fees.

The first few days the girls resided with us, Adedotun did not even call us to explain why she sent her girls to us without discussing it with us first or even call to find out how the girls were managing with us. When the girls contacted her by Skype, she still hadn’t even asked to speak to me or my wife, only asked the girls to say hello to us. We found this a bit strange. When we tried to contact her ourselves it was with great difficulty because she would not answer her telephone or she would give us an excuse that the network was down or anything she could think of to justify for her actions because of the wrong she had done to us. When we finally did connect, she was unable to give us a reasonable explanation only that it was any emergency, not really explaining how it was. It was from this time that Adedotun kept promising that she would be coming soon, soon, soon. She also indicated that she is still trying to sell all her property at home. (quote from email: Good morning Uncle. The processing of the release is on now – the guy we are waiting for just came in last week. The payment will definitely be effected before your next appointment with the Bank.

I will call you later today. much regards, Adedotun) unquote. Also in our conversation she expressed that she did not want to bring her family to Canada and experience hardship financially.
After receiving that email leading up to now it continued to be very difficult to get in touch with Adedotun. She has been avoiding us even more because we informed her that the bank has been inquiring about her and that they expressed for me to remind her that she has not been making any payments on the loan after receiving the $800.00 and that she should do so ASAP or else the matter would go to the Collection Agency.

I called her son in Vancouver and expressed to him that I have been trying to get in touch with his mother and asked him when last did he speak with her because she had not been responding to my calls or emails. I expressed that I needed to speak with her ASAP but assured him that it had nothing to do with
the girls. He stated that he also had been calling her number, that it was not working.

It has been a constant struggle to get in touch with Adedotun since her girls had been living with us. She was supposed to join the girls 2 weeks after their arrival here in Nova Scotia, Canada. We experienced many problems with the oldest daughter. We did not share this with Adedotun because we did not want to give her something else to worry about.

My wife and I continued to call Adedotun every day but she refused to answer the telephone still.

On Sept. 3, 2014, our doorbell rang. Both my wife and the oldest daughter ran to answer it but my wife got there first. A process server asked for Grace Taiwo and my wife informed her that Adedotun was not here, that she was in Nigeria but will be returning to Canada to settle soon. The process server then inquired about me and my wife told her that I was on my way home from a meeting and that I should be here shortly. She asked if it was all right for her to wait in her vehicle for me to arrive and my wife said sure she could. Both daughters was standing nearby and asked why the process server was looking for their mother. My wife did not tell them what it was about but she did indicate to them that it was a very serious legal matter. I arrived shortly after. When the process server saw me pull into the driveway she came to greet me. She then served me with an envelope that contained a judgement against Adedotun and myself. Because Adedotun was out of the country and I had no address for her at the time, they could not serve her so they served me because I was the cosigner of the loan. The judgement indicated that I had 15 days from the day it was served to respond with a defense.

I asked the girls if they had spoken with their mother lately and they replied that they hadn’t been talking with her for quite a long time, which was always their normal response when my wife and I asked. I suggested that they contact their mother and inquire what this matter was about and they replied that they did not want to know because it was between me and their mother but my wife and I strongly felt that the girls already knew because they did not seem surprised when we indicated that it was a very serious legal matter and that their mother needed to take care of it right away or there would be consequences. We have always shielded the girls from knowing anything about the loan but when they experienced the process server at the door my wife and I felt it was now time to let the girls know what was going on thinking that maybe they could convince their mother by reminding her that we are taking such good care of them financially and morally.

The following day I scanned the document and sent it to Adedotun with an email explaining that this matter has gotten way out of control and that she had to make the full payment on the loan as soon as possible or I would have to go to Supreme Court and that if I don’t have the money to pay the full loan, my assets would be seized and a lean would be placed on my home. This did not even move Adedotun because she still insisted on making payments when we made it very clear that the case is way beyond the payment stage now. The bank now required the full amount according to the judgement served. I informed her that it did not have to come to this, that she had her opportunity to make payments when she was supposed to according to the BMO binding contract. I believe that Adedotun had it in her mind that we could not touch her for the loan because she is in Nigerian now. We had her children and they were basically like a ransom held over our heads so that we would continue to hope that she would make the full payment.

One day my wife went into the computer room where the girls were, to open the window. She saw Adedotun’s face on the screen but pretended that she hadn’t. When she came away from the window the mother’s face had disappeared from the screen because she saw my wife pass by. This indicated to my wife that every time the girls told us that they hadn’t been speaking with their mother that they were lying. One of the girls asked if she wanted to say hello to their sister and brother to make it appear as though it had been one of their faces she saw on the screen the whole time. My wife said hello to them both then left the room.

She did not say anything to the girls about seeing their mother’s face. She just let it go and told me about it when I got home. We knew that they were always talking with their mother on Skype when my wife and I went to bed each night because they would always be in the computer room late at night with the door locked and the volume down low. When we expressed to her girls that we knew they were talking with their mother on Skype, they continually denied it. They would reply, quote: “Our mother is working on a project, I would ask, “What is the project”? but they would not tell me. They kept saying my mother will take care of it, leaving me to still be hoping and praying that she will settle this Financial Matter soon.

The following day I got in touch with a relative back in Nigeria who could contact Adedotun for me to express the severity of paying this judgement. He was able to contact her but the delays still continued. She would always say next week and when that week came, it would be the following week, then the week after and the week after. These false promises became very frustrating.

Now looking back I know who Adedotun Grace Taiwo is: her attitude and behaviour every place I took her, when she was sharing the apartment with the roommate the hostility between them was so bad it resulted in her roommate locking her out of the apartment, purchasing the vehicle and insisting on giving the dealer a postdated cheque; lying that she had her driver’s license when she did not. I had to show my driver’s license to be able to drive the car home. The vehicle got towed away during the winter months due to unavailable parking for it.

My wife and I still continued to struggle with Adedotun’s oldest daughter, constantly sitting her down and confronting her about her unexceptable behaviours. The atmosphere became so toxic that it had affected my wife’s present health conditions. The last time we spoke with both girls, we informed them about the loan and what their mother had done to us. It did not even move the girls and we were not surprised because of them not showing any emotion about the judgement. One afternoon my wife heard a conversation on the telephone between Adedotun’s youngest daughter. They were discussing about the loan and they kept conversing back and forth as though the daughter knew about it all along. Adedotun was actually laughing with her daughter about the loan.

It was then my wife let them know that she was on the telephone and heard everything they were discussing. My wife said, QUOTE: ‘so Adedotun, this is a laughing matter to you; so you and your daughters have been plotting together from day one and they have been lying to me and my husband’s face all along about not being in touch with you. My wife was so angry she hung up the telephone but Adedotun and her daughter kept on talking. Following that conversation, verbal and physical altercation took place by the oldest daughter so my wife called the authorities and we had them removed from our home.

When I told my experience to friends they all said that I should not have cosigned for the loan. My motivation for doing so was because God has been so good to me; shepherding me and my wife since I came to Canada, I asked myself “how can I say thank you to Him for his goodness.” And my way of saying thank you was to try to help Adedotun to establish herself and her family here in Canada. Our intent was pure and open hearted because Adedotun Grace Taiwo had 6 children with no husband to come along side of her to raise them.

Dr. Adedotun Grace Taiwo needs to sell her property and pay off this loan. She has not behaved as a good Citizen of Nigeria. She is one of the types of people who fraudulently tarnish the reputation of our beloved country, Nigeria. When I shared my situation with others, I found out that I am not the only one who has gone through this type of experience with fellow Nigerians.

What is my expectation from the Nigerian embassy in Ottawa to help me and my wife. Adedotun is now back in Nigeria and this matter should now be considered an international fraud/deception and if the government can persuade Adedotun to sell her property to pay this loan and if she fails to do so, she should be reported to the EFCC and a copy of this letter forwarded to them. She should also be reported to the Nigerian Medical Association. She should not be permitted to go free and leave us stranded here in Canada with this loan. We learned now that when her children were saying that she is working on a project it was that she was building a private hospital in Nigerian, the same hospital that she showed the phamplet my doctor friend.

Your Excellency Hon. Chief Ojo Uma Maduekwe, What would you call this type of behaviour? Does Dr. Taiwo believe in her mind that I should pay this loan? Does she believe that I am a fool? I scanned the judgement document and emailed it to her. She told me that she handed the document over to the bank to give her a loan. Does she really believe in her own mind that the Nigerian Bank will advance her a loan to pay for a loan that she has already defaulted on?

In closing, Hebrews 11:1-3 Tells us, (Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for. By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.) I did not doubt that Adedotun was coming back to Canada because of all the things she had put in place before she left for Nigeria and the fact that we grew so close. I now know that this is a very valuable lesson learned.

Thank you for returning my phone call and listening to my problem!

Deacon Olusegun Odusanya
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  1. Jay Kaba

    May 4, 2015 at 5:53 AM

    Interesting, outright wickedness ! Someone needs to share this in a Nigerian newspaper & nairaland.The woman simply took advantage of the kind-hearted Mr. Odusanya.

  2. amy

    May 4, 2015 at 6:44 AM

    Sir, I have read your story and it is quite pathetic
    but I wish I could hear from DR.taiwo
    cos to me, I feel that your own side of the story is missing
    some lines, I wish i could hear from her to see if I can add it up

    • Britne

      July 7, 2017 at 10:56 AM

      Yes exactly my point too!

  3. dah ibo geh

    May 4, 2015 at 7:01 AM

    Crazy! Dumb! That’s wah I call ds,really?????? U couple failed it here. That’s all,sorry u ll av to pay here,u don’t trust people like ds!

  4. Funmi Abiodun

    May 4, 2015 at 8:15 AM

    This is very sad. This woman has blocked the way for others in the nearest future. As for her daughters they were rouges like their mother. I pray that the Almighty God would help the good Samaritan

  5. ONOM

    May 4, 2015 at 9:40 AM


  6. Yinka

    May 4, 2015 at 10:42 AM

    Case smells.

    Wrong on many levels: Co-signing a loan for ANYONE …. not done. Then, collecting, housing and feeding their children…. haba??? Anyone that naive?????!!! I hope you get out of this. As for the ‘Doctor’, God’s judgement awaits her.

  7. Richard

    August 19, 2015 at 11:26 AM

    Hello sir,
    This fraud accusation cannot be true.
    As Amy said, it does not add up, and as Yinka said, this case smells!

    From the lengthy write up above, it looks more to me like a family vendetta, a family feud and animosity played dirty.

    I read about this in two other Newspaper Publications in Halifax.
    But a lot of people say she is a true Christian, honest and hard working.

    To me, this woman looks too responsible for these allegations of fraud.
    The 30,000 loan is about 2 months salary of a doctor!
    You helped, and guaranteed a bank LOAN, with all the paper works, and not that she collected money from you falsely. As a lawyer, I can confirm that this is NOT a fraud,

    She left her children with you, she would not have absconded but rather it shows her trust in you. Why can’t you find out if there’s any problem of her not back in Canada yet, or even paying back the loan as agreed?
    You said you “did not doubt she will be coming back to Canada, because of all that she put in place in Canada before she left for Nigeria”

    Christians should be wary of slandering reputations and bearing false witness. You are like a father-figure, for someone you said stayed with you and gullibly shared all her secrets with you, to put on open world stage of social media? It is a grievous and very sad!

    “If you play/fight with pigs, you will get dirty!
    As Amy said, I wish we could hear her own side of the story.

    • pearl lee

      December 16, 2016 at 3:49 PM

      Hi Richard…it’s true that it doesn’t add up,moreso it’s just one side of the story but as it stands now…I can believe anything this man just said cos I’m currently working for DR Grace Taiwo and since October 17th 2016 till today which is 16th of December she hasn’t paid and she keeps avoiding me and plans travelling out of the country…

  8. Anu

    September 10, 2015 at 9:13 AM

    The couple is a foolish couple because they cannot help members of their suffering families to travel to Canada but they can help a 419 Doctor to dupe them from Facebook. Who does that? Let her get a job as a cleaner or whatever and struggle on her own instead of duping you. Next time, help people who need medical fees abroad or family members so that God can reward you.

  9. Anu

    September 10, 2015 at 9:18 AM

    Report her to the EFCC in Nigeria and write the IG of police ASAP!!! Also write the governor of her state too. Swing into action before she spends all the money. Good luck! Write Buhari too. Do a media conference on this issue!!!

  10. Anno

    March 30, 2017 at 12:19 PM

    This same woman duped my company this year. She is yet to pay for the service we rendered to her.. What baffles me most, is the fact she had her 2 daughters involved..

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