Photos: Nigerian Lady Marries White Guy, Her Childhood Friend In London UK

nigerian lady marries white london

August 19, 2015 – Pictures: Nigerian Woman Marries White Man, Her Childhood Friend In London

These photos are from an interracial wedding ceremony that held in London last weekend.

The couple, Tayo and Oliver Arkle met in High School back in 2003 and as fate will have it, they were placed in the same reading class because their last names start with Letter ‘A’.

The first time Oliver asked her out, her first response was “no”, which she immediately felt terrible about.
That night she phoned Oliver to see if he was ok; His mum answered the phone and after handing it to him, they began talking endlessly, initiating a beautiful friendship. From then on, Oliver and Tayo became inseparable lovers.

oliver and tayo wedding photos

He proposed to her on the 19th of January 2014 at the Heathrow Airport and the couple tied the knot this past weekend.

Check out photos from the Oliver and Tayo’s wedding ceremony below

Love knows no colour.

Congrats to them

27 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Lady Marries White Guy, Her Childhood Friend In London UK

    • You this **** Ojukwu boy,why do you and your people always retort to ethnic rubbish? Please if your mind is devoid of manners,stay away from this forum.

    • Obi, do you want to tell us there are no Igbo men or women married to whites? Please don’t bring ethnicity into this.

  1. Bezo is not human, afterall he is a gay man, what is ur problem about 2 people love each other,man and woman,not man and man,or woman and woman.True Love get nothing to do with Colour,age,religion, race and class,and the white family with naija dresse look good on them.

  2. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Arkle, may the Lord bless their union and grant them wisdom to keep the family moving in Jesus name(AMEN).

  3. I wondered why some people say she made a greatest mistake. So marrying somebody from her tribe is the best? You are getting it all wrong if u think marrying someone from your tribe is the best. Love knows no color or tribe. You can find love anywhere…it’s better to follow your heart where u will be happy rather than follow what people want . Happy married life to you Mr and Mrs Arkle

  4. Now I see why Igbo girls are marrying Yoruba guys (at least 3 of my friends married Yoruba men). You have no respect for women and treat them like trash. Nobody chooses the skin color they were born with and what does that have to do with love, anyhow? Lack of adequate education explains the backwardness and the ability of most Igbo men to reason and process thoughts at a functional level. They are mostly high school drop-outs selling spare parts or doing shady get-rich quick businesses all over the place. I wish this beautiful couple a blissful long married life. See the way the groom’s family embraced our culture and even wearing our traditional outfits. Shame on the likes of bezo and obi. If you don’t have something nice to say to others, keep your opinion to yourselves. After all said and done, it is these two people that will live together, whose business? As a parent of girls approaching marrying age, I can only wish happiness for my girls and the same for you. Best wishes, my dear Tayo and Oliver.

    • Lola there are many Igbo people (men and women)marrying the Yorubas. Contrary to your assumption there are shady characters in every tribe in that our country. It is not every Igbo man that reasons like Obi. I believe Obi is one of those who discriminate even among his tribes men. He is still living in the stone age and his likes are better ignored than replied to any nonsense from him. By the way, Bezo is from Edo.

    • Well done Aunty Lola!
      I like your opinion. You are a good hearted woman. What kills human beings nowadays is just envy, that always leads to jealousy and hatred. Unfortunately, we can not do anything about it is human nature. I find it very pitiful and sad for the society and the upcoming generation
      May GOD bless your entire family and you.
      I wish the best to my beautiful sisters, who very soon by GOD’S Grace will be future wives of well educated and wealthy men of Course.

  5. Didnt like the title a nigerian marrys a white guy reading from London it seems quite bush, there are many white guys here lol.. and yes Nigerians marry white, etc

    Good luck to them interace relationships are very hard to maintain.

    They were both cuties as babies awwwww….bless

  6. Uzoma u are a disgraced tribal man, must u say it out, why not keep quiet or let him know that white or black does not matter instead of butcherin him; if he has not seen any…, a yoruba or housa man cannot do what u just did provided its his brother who made that comment. Obu ihie na egbu anyi bu ndi igbo, ndi na eji nwa nne ha azu mgbere ahia nonsense, okwa ka eji jaa gi?

  7. I’m full Igbo man I love interracial love, I can’t wait to marry my white woman, love is beyond color

  8. I’m a Ghanaian and I often wonder if the ones involved in the interracial marriages ever teach their children about their tribe, culture, and language. As a Ghanaian(from what I’ve seen at least), most Ghanaians do not teach their kids about their tribal cultures. And as an Akan, it’s even more irritating when I see these mixed kids trying to claim the Akan culture just because we’re the largest tribe in Ghana and our culture, language, and traditional attire(Kente. Most have seen it but don’t know the name) is very well known. They should go learn their own cultures instead of taking from others.

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