Photos: Nigerian Man Attacks Yvonne Nelson During Birthday Party In Accra Ghana

nigerian attack yvonne nelson accraEze on the right

September 29, 2015 – Pictures: Nigerian Man Beat Up, Slapped Yvonne Nelson During Birthday Party In Accra Ghana For Refusing To Hug Him, Elvis Eze Casino Wanted By Police


A Nigerian socialite based in Ghana has been declared wanted for attacking Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson.

The suspect identified as Elvis Eze popularly called Elvis Casino reportedly slapped Yvonne Nelson after she allegedly shunned him at a birthday party that held in Accra over the weekend.

According to eyewitnesses, Yvonne Nelson was part of the celebrities invited to Ghanaian-Nigerian actress Ingrid Alabi’s birthday party in Accra but trouble started when Elvis joined Yvonne Nelson to take photos with the celebrant and other guests. He later requested for a hug which Yvonne Nelson turned down.

yvonne nelson attacks nigerian

As if a hug from Yvonne Nelson is a matter of life and death, Elvis started yelling on her“Who are you? Who the f*ck do you think you are? Who do you think you are?”.

To avoid further insult, Yvonne Nelson quickly left the party and headed for her car but Elvis went after her and gave her a blow on the head.

If not for the timely intervention of eyewitnesses, Elvis Casino might have hurt frightened Yvonne Nelson but they quickly descended on him as Yvonne Nelson escaped.

The actress reported the case to officers at East Legon Police Station in Accra.

Elvis Casino has been evading arrest since Saturday.

Na so hug scarce?

15 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Man Attacks Yvonne Nelson During Birthday Party In Accra Ghana

  1. brother u mess up so bad don’t you have a girlfriend or are you trying to satisfy your wild fantasy. You are on your own

    • Imagine EZE slaped her in her country!! OH MY GOD, look! this people must commint crime… it’s in there blood nothing you can do about it. I thank God you did it in Ghana. you can’t escape this. Ghaneans don’t like Nigerians because of these kind of act best know to the ***** living in ghana… honesty they would get this fooooool “EZE” arested.. He must go to prison… or yvonne Nelson would Fan him at the courth… i trust Ghana..
      THESE ***** WOULD always disgrace Nigeria any where in the world…. A Nigerian without these *****l would have been as cool as Ghana….****

  2. This is the type of guy that will rape a woman. They should catch the idiot and give him the appropriate punishment. He is a disgrace to his family.

  3. Its this type that paint us, Nigerians black in Ghana here. Disgracing Jobless man. How i wsh i knew where this jobless idiot z hiding. U committed in Nigeria n run to Ghana, now uv committed in Ghana again..d fugitive must b in Cote d’Ivoire by now

  4. Those of you that insult me on this platform just watch few days from now ANOTHER ****– WOULD COMMIT ANOTHER crime, either rubbery or any crime.. I think that would prove to you that you are a big ****** to ******.

  5. You dont judge people on the pages of newspaper.This news is biased.Just like that he brought out his anger,haba! Something must have went wrong in btw than just a pix and hug.Besides,the story is onesided.

  6. This is 1 of the things ghanians will still hate Nigerians… Arrogant…. They always say Nigerians feel so big in everything they do,imagine… Just because you want 2 hug a girl & she refused,you slapped her… That’s rubbish. I know what ghanian police can do,they’ll look 4 him…

  7. D story is 1 sided well. I dnt support what Mr Eze did.. hitting a woman is wrong! nt because she is a celebrity.. he should be punished appropriately… & 4 those ghanaians pointing fingers @ Nigerians.. this has ntin to do with country!. it is all by mentality of d individual involved..

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