Photos: Northern Nigeria Governors Wives At First Lady Aisha Buhari’s Office In Abuja

northern nigeria governor wives

November 1st, 2016 – Pictures: Northern Nigeria Governors Wives Visit First Lady Aisha Buhari’s Office In Abuja

Thirteen Northern First Ladies paid a courtesy visit to First Lady Aisha Buhari in Abuja yesterday.

They had a meeting focused on peculiar challenges being faced by Northern Nigeria residents including underage marriage, malnutrition of children, drug addiction and more.

Aisha Buhari promises to use her office to address their requests.

5 thoughts on “Photos: Northern Nigeria Governors Wives At First Lady Aisha Buhari’s Office In Abuja

  1. Mrs Aisha Buhari is a wonderful, highly educated, beautiful and very smart woman that should occupy crucial place in her matrimonial home aND in her husband’s heart. She is a great woman that just don’t belong to the president bedroom and the other room, but she is his soul mate, special adviser, confidant, and his pillar in good and tough times. No man can achieve great things in any field without a great and supporting woman like Mrs Aisha Buhari. It is my hope that our president will resolve issues, do seroius ammendment, console, and listen to his wonderful wife and First Lady of Federal Republic of Nigeria. Good and God fearing Women are suppose to support, compliment, love, and obey their husbands, likewise, good and Godly men must love their wives just has Christ love His church that He gave his precious life for it. President Buhari should honor, listen, and renew his love for this calm, smart, and wonderful woman. This will enable the president to do what is right for suffering Nigerian people. Shikenah!

  2. Every time is north pipul gather together. Every time is they went to do meeting and closes door. So Aisha have follow to do meeting with only not pipul. They are always plan to islamicate Nigeria. Is why only north pipul was gather.

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