Photos: Omotola Jalade Escorts British High Commissioner Paul Thomas To James Bond Movie Premiere

omotola jalade escorts british high commissioner

Nov 8, 2015 – Pictures: Nollywood Queen Omotola Jalade Wears Cinderella Inspired Gown To James Bond Movie Premiere

Omotola Jalade Escorts British High Commissioner Paul Thomas Arkwright  To James Bond Movie Premiere

Check out Omosexy’s Cinderella-inspired outfit to Silverbird Cinemas yesterday for the premiere of James Bond new movie, Spectre.

Omotola Jalade was British High Commissioner, Paul Thomas Arkwright special escort to the event.

Her dress was designed by Ezinne Chinkata while Bimpe Onakoya did her simple makeup.

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So Omotola has started doing escort service now… whaooo she is ‘sharppppppp’ **wink**

15 thoughts on “Photos: Omotola Jalade Escorts British High Commissioner Paul Thomas To James Bond Movie Premiere

  1. If you people know what these powerful women do behind closed doors u will stop watching their movies. Omowhore is a step ahead of Genavivi

  2. Omosexy really looks great in that beautiful dress designed by a great Nigerian fashion stylist. This British High commissioner truly looks like Nigerian James Bond. Omosexy really like shakara and publicity too much. She is one of Nigerian highly recognized movie talents of this century, and for that, I am very proud of her and her achievements in Nollywood Industry. Ride on Omo!

  3. pls sm ppl should leaarn how to respect others the woman we are talking about here is a married woman and a mother pls if u read and don,t like her kip ur mouth shut and dont insult anyone here

  4. As a married woman,i think she should stop all these useless life style,apart from her,so no other single lady can do that..she should focus on her family and stop jumping from one man to another and from one country to another.

  5. I thought she was more bigger than a mere escort, You see what i mean my super star Genny will never stoop this low , i know what she is capable of.

  6. People are missing something here. A Nigerian star actress Omotola now being used as an escort to British High Commission. An escort is a rented wife. When she comes to America especially Los Angeles, she is always in the company of American Actors (men). Remember she married at a very young age, did not have time to taste other men. She is doing that now. She will come back to her senses and commit herself back to her husband only but then a lot of goals would have been scored by other men. She is playing catch up.

  7. why would a married woman decide to escort someone to a movie other than her husband? this is really the first time i have heard such awful news. really surprising! By the way, where was her husband at? abi na partners in crime or should i say success?

    • God bless you my dear, I really don’t understand how a married women will be an escort to another man other than her husband. It’s really disgraceful she should respect her.

  8. After all these high service, what happens behind closed doors? Na today? You no want wait for line again? I pity the curse you are leaving for your children’s children. Omo whore!

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