Photos: Pastor Caught With Charms In Akure Ondo State As He Goes About Offering Free Fried Meat

pastor arrested akure charms

May 19, 2016 – Pictures: Pastor Arrested In Akure Ondo State For Using Charms To Beg To Eat Free Fried Meat

A fake pastor has been arrested in a desperate attempt to cast evil spell on innocent people.

According to eyewitnesses, the self-acclaimed Pastor identified as Johnson Adeniyi was caught at Ijomu area of Akure on Wednesday while hawking fried meat and begging people to eat it for free.

When confronted, the suspect reportedly gave conflicting stories on why he urged people to eat the fried meat.

When his answer didn’t satisfy the two men who initially challenged him, he was dragged to the palace where police officials came to arrest him.

Johnson Adeniyi is presently in police detention in Akure.

16 thoughts on “Photos: Pastor Caught With Charms In Akure Ondo State As He Goes About Offering Free Fried Meat

  1. Another on again, This is what they are doing everywhere, they will say they are doing harvest or launching building fund they will kill cows which had already been prepared with all sorts of diabolical stuff, the pastor will start screaming hallelujah and the followers will chorus with music and fanfare, they will then serve the diabolical cows in soup with jollof rice and eba and egusi soup,after that their destiny is changed, they will be tied to the ‘church’ all their money and time will be spent there, meanwhile the ‘pastor’ is laughing all the way to the bank. he will have nice house both in Nigeria and abroad , also different jeeps with body guards. it is not nollywood it is real. people should be very vigilant these days, all those miracle seeking will fall victim to these impostors. pray in your house God will answer you.

  2. He is seeking for power by using people whom their longer throats will be tempted to eat that initiated meat. Wickedness, quack pastors everywhere.

  3. Tee you slay it, that is all. Exactly what is happening daily in Nigeria. Pray in your house, you heard it. God will answer you. Small word is enough for the wise. ARO TO BA GBON, LOGUN ASOTELE KIN PA.

  4. Pastor! How sure are we this meat he’s sharing is not human meat. Hmmm, after doing all these, in another few months he will be talk of the town. Claiming to be Pastor of our time. God have mercy. May God guide and watch our steps.

  5. This evil man is usually a fake pastor serving demonic meats to stupid people publicly for power, to steal their destinies in other to profit in his evil deed. This fake pastor is a satanic agent that was sent on mission to steal people’s blessings, to kill innocent and ignorant people, and to destroy their destinies. Thank God for the vigilance of Akure residents who drag the monster to the king’s palace before his arrest. My people, shine your eyes and open ears so that you did not fall a prey to the roaming demonic lions masquerading as servants of the Most High God. This doesn’t mean that all pastors are fake in Nigeria, but watch and pray daily.

  6. I wonder how somebody could offer meat to me and I’d just accept. Am I some hungry waif? I blame whoever has eaten from the chinks. If they start flying about by 12 midnight tonight, they did it to themselves

  7. This guy is a copycat trying to do what his predecessors have done. He watched those self acclaimed Pastors who have made names and illicit money through a dubious way and trying to toil their path. My advise for the innocent Nigerians is to be very careful in whatever they put in their mouth. There is nothing like free lunch. Talk to your God and be steadfast. God told us to ask him whatever we like that he is more closer to us than our jugular veins. He even said in the Bible that a child will never ask his father a Cake and his father will turn around to give him stone. We enmesh ourselves in a big problem because we all want instantaneous answer to our problems that is why these useless conmen are taking advantage of you. Do not let these agents of Lucifer use your destiny to enrich themselves. Little word is enough for a wise.

  8. Psalm 23 is the answer…when you have accepted Jesus as your personal savior and don’t plan evil against anyone…those two guys who challenged him are powerful,Almighty God is with them and honestly,that’s the part of the story/news that is interesting,otherwise we have many of this type of pastor around.

  9. Stay In your house and pray you dont know the heart of many dont get infested with their spell be wise,be warned!!!!!!!

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