Photos: PDP NASS Members Walk Out Of Senate Chambers In Protest Against Amaechi

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Oct 29, 2015 – Pictures: PDP NASS Members Walk Out Of Senate Chambers In Protest Against Amaechi

See photos from the dramatic moment PDP National Assembly members walked out of the Senate Chambers to protest ex-Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi’s confirmation as ministers.

The protest erupted the moment Amaechi was confirmed minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

They were of the opinion that Amaechi has a pending corruption case in court which APC members argued that NASS members are judicially not allowed to interfere with.

See more photos from the staged protest below

18 thoughts on “Photos: PDP NASS Members Walk Out Of Senate Chambers In Protest Against Amaechi

  1. evil will befall ameachi until he dies . he will enjoy d friuts of his labour . ameachi,s atrocities has made me know that buharihimself is a traitor , and senseless .how can u claim to be fighting corruption and fix all dgrade 0ne corrupt people in offices .ameachi is a bad omen to nigeria and rivers state . a stuborn occultist .

  2. ameachi will only enjoy d fruits of sadness and never enjoy d fruits of his labour . sincere rivers state sons like BEN-BRUCE and the rest shud make sure justice returns to rivers state and safe our children. hocan ameachi be dis deperate 4 POWER ?

  3. Mr Rotimi I think you must be stupid for that comment! D so called senate President(Saraki) has 5 court cases before he was sworn in by those Useless good for nothing PDP members,so now they know Ameachi has a court case!Nobody not even PDP can stop what God will do and will still do in d Life of our dear Minister(Mr Ameachi)!. So stop hating on him if u don’t want d wrath of God!

  4. Buhari claims to be fighting corruption, but indirectly surounding himself with corrupt APC leaders that will cover him also. Pig will always look for where there‘s dirty to hid itself, that what buhari and APC led government are doing. I love PDP protest over amaechi.

  5. Amechi and his president are the most corrupt politicians in 9ja so corruption can,t fight corruption, sorry to 9ja.

  6. Rotimi you are sick to have rain all this abuse on amaechi,what has he done to deserve those insult, the grievances they have toward him is that he was the APC campaign coordinator, so get that into your thick skullllll.

  7. Buhari is evil and corrupt is just pretending , he is supporting amechi bcos the money stolen by achechi was spent on buhari’s campaign . God will destroyed them together cause God will never support hypocrisy.

  8. The change has come to stay, it could be positive or negative change, it depends on how you view it. Ameachi with various corruption charges on his neck is being appointed as a minister in the incorruptible cabinet of Mr Buhari, what happens to the doctrine of public confidence on this government zero tolerance of corruption. We are watching!

  9. If Amaechi could scale through the screening of the national assembly,then the Nigerian nation is heading towards a monumental disaster in terms of corruption.

  10. Rotimi abi what’s your name, you are a ****for saying such things about ameachi.and who told you that Ben Bruce is a rivers state man? pls get your facts right before opening your *****.

  11. I thought that Ameachi man was perfect from his interview with Adeola. Wow so no perfect man in Nigeria from all what I am reading here?

    Only God will rescue Nigeria honestly with a new govt who can come and introduce good behaviour in schools of how children should grow up with their parents. Corruption course has to be a curriculum in Nigeria schools with books sent back home to children’s parents.

  12. Kettle calling pot black! Who among the senators that is not corrupt? Just name one of them here. Look at their faces! Amaechi was the speaker of house of assembly for good 8years he was not corrupt, he was the governor of rivers state for 8years yet he was not accused of any corrupt practices, why all these allegation now? People are saying all sorts of rubbish here! Buhari can decide to work with the worst criminal in nigeria I don’t care! PDP failed woefully so they should go learn how to be in opposition. They were thinking that Buhari will withdraw Amaechi so that they will make mockery of him, frustrate him to turn against Buhari but Baba don tey 4 politics. Very funny country, minority wants their decision to prevail over that of the majority. If I were u guys making noise here I will leave this country and apply for syria or afghanistan visa and relocate to there simple bicus any decision Buhari takes will always give u more heart attack since the hatred is already there. Congrats mr Amaechi the great lion of Ubima kingdom.

  13. So finally a corrupted former governor of river state is now a minister? Chai sorry for Nigeria.i said it that this government is fighting corruption at one sided. Buhari is not the President that will save Nigeria.his campaign 1000 fake promises shows that buhari is fake.God help us.i casted my only one vote for this naira to one dollar,hahaha.o boy I be mugu.skool kids free meal,5000k for d poor’s every month.Soludo warned us that these two candidates are fake

  14. Before you criticize this man Amaechi, you need to get your fact straight. The Senate already gave this man a clean bill. Both PDP and APC members in the senate endorsed this guy as okay for ministerial candidate. what is your stress bro? The election time is over. The PDP members in National assembly should go and get themselves busy with the pressing issues and stop playing politics. If Amaechi is truly corrupt, go and tender your evidences to EFCC or CCB and leave the investigation to them. One thing that i’m sure of is, Buhari will never come between the investigation just as he did to Saraki. This is kind change we are talking about.

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