Photos: Pregnant Nigerian Woman Attacked During Labour In London

pregnant woman robbed london

August 27, 2016 – Pictures: Pregnant Nigerian Woman Robbed, Attacked During Childbirth In London

On August 21st around 10am, a Nigerian woman in labour was attacked and robbed of her expensive Samsung Galaxy phone in Stamford Hill area of North London.

According to the victim Patience Chukwu, she was heading to the hospital when strong childbirth contraction sets in but on getting to Stamford Hill, she took out her phone to tell her sister that she’s on her way to the hospital when the suspect approached her.

While thinking he was about to ask for direction, she gave the suspect an audience and to her surprise, the suspect tried to snatch her phone, a fight soon ensued during which the woman was punched three times on the face and on the stomach.

She passed out before police came to her rescue.

Patience Chukwu was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors performed a Cesarean-section operation on her when they couldn’t detect her child’s heartbeat.

Sadly, the baby was born with seizures, which police believe was as a result of the attack.

London Met. Police have released the composite sketch (e-fit) of the suspect believed to be between 18 and 21.

Check out photos of Patience Chukwu and her son below

pregnant nigerian woman robbed london during childbirth

Thank God she survived. May God heal her baby of seizures.

10 thoughts on “Photos: Pregnant Nigerian Woman Attacked During Labour In London

  1. Too too sad! I pray the baby recovers his health perfectly.
    Thieves are demons, just heartless and they deserve no mercy.

  2. THANKS BE to God for their lives! I did not know that a woman in such a labout pain as decribed above could still remember to fight for her phone.

  3. She could just av left the phne for d idiot and reported d matter to d police bearing in mind that she is in a country were d law takes its full course, I know he will be arrested.
    I only pray d baby recovers fully.

  4. She should not have put up a fight with that coward other than reporting him to the police. Trust me, the western police know how to track down their suspects. Along the processes of struggling, the mother of the newborn might have caused life time damage to the fetus. How much is the cell phone compare to lifetime ailment where she will be spending money to buy anti-seizure medicine for the innocent kid. We should be careful not to jeopardize our life for replaceable worldly material.

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