Photos: RRS Police Arrest Armed Robbers In Apapa & Ikotun Lagos

robbers arrested ikotun apapa lagosOne of the robbers

July  24, 2016 – Pictures: RRS Police Arrest Armed Robbers In Apapa & Ikotun Lagos

Rapid Response Squad officers nabbed two armed robbers at two separate locations in Lagos this week.

One of the robbers, 22-year-old Bashir Wasiu who hails from Oyo State was caught in Olodi Apapa around 6:35am on Tuesday the 19th of July while another robber 23-year-old Tunde Adedeji from Abeokuta was nabbed on Monday July 18 2016 in Ikotun around 4:33am.

Police recovered laptop, 18 cellular phones, gun and jewellery from the robbers.

Photos of victims of the arrested robbers

The suspects are currently at SARS office in Ikeja.

11 thoughts on “Photos: RRS Police Arrest Armed Robbers In Apapa & Ikotun Lagos

  1. Why do most of the arrested robbers wear this hairstyle that makes them look like angry cockerel? Ye ye tiff tiff man!!!

  2. They don’t want to work again, since 419 business is not moving like before so now armed robbery seems to be d next profession. Always looking for fast track, lazy bones.

  3. Lazy people those money things that you stole are you the one gave them to keep for you. You want to reap where you did not sow

  4. am always trilled by the look (pity) on the faces of robbers wen the are been beaten wen they can do worse to people

  5. they want to meet-up with their girl friends demand,so dat they would b called big-boys by their friends,siblings,family members,and parents,but luck wasnt on their side,sorry my guys but next time if there is any next time for u people,u meet-up in a legitimate way ok?

  6. Useless thieves,may god punish u guys,u wont look for work to do,ur cup don full…….u will die and rotten in prison

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