Photos: World’s Oldest Animal, 330-Year-old Alagba Tortoise Spotted In Oyo State Nigeria

world's oldest animal oyo state nigeria

March 28, 2016 – Alagba Tortoise’s At Soun Of Ogbomoso’s Palace: Oldest Living Animal In The World Aged 330 Still Alive In Oyo State Nigeria

Pictures: The Oldest Living Animal In The World, 330-Year-old Tortoise Spotted In Ogbomoso Oyo State Nigeria, Meet Alagba Tortoise..

Alagba, a giant male land tortoise believed to be 330 years is still alive at the palace of Ogbomoso King in Oyo State.

History Of Alagba Tortoise At Soun Of Ogbomoso’s Palace In Oyo State Nigeria

The legendary tortoise who lumbers about in the palace is popularly called “the elderly one”.

alagba tortoise ogbomoso oyo state

Since Alagba is believed to be older than everyone in Ogbomoso, permutations about its true age relies heavily on oral history. Its present age was arrived at by situating it with the period of the Soun who reigned then. Alagba was allegedly brought to the palace by Soun Ikumoyede Ajao, the third Soun of Ogbomoso, who is believed to have been born sometime in the late 16th century and who reigned in the 17th.

Mr. Ajamu Oluwatoyin, the secretary of the current Soun says dating of the kingship of Ogbomoso was started by the elite in 1797 during the reign of Oba Toyeje Akanni (1797 to 1825), the fourth Soun and one time Are Ona Kakanfo (the Yoruba Nation Generalissimo).

Tourism is never complete in Oyo State without visiting the ancient giant male land tortoise.

It is a sacrilege to call Alagba a mere tortoise in Ogbomosoland.

26 thoughts on “Photos: World’s Oldest Animal, 330-Year-old Alagba Tortoise Spotted In Oyo State Nigeria

  1. Surprised! That simply means, Jonathan The Giant Totoise at st. Helena on the British Island that was believed to be World oldest living reptile with about 184 yrs is only second rated to our Nigerian Alagba Totoise in Ogbomosho land at the Oba‘s palace in Oyo State with about 330yrs old. A difference of 146 yrs!!!

    Kai… Naija no de carry last o.
    Me ma i no de remain for one place o…i must….


  2. The tortoise is used to symbolize longevity in Yoruba land, it is often used for juju with the belief that the person would live very long. Late Alhaji Busari Adelakun used to carry one around his neck. God is amazing.

    • you no get **** at all… the tortoise was brought to the palace by the third soun of ogbomoso land and it was judged by the time till now!

    • But you would believe what storied that oyinbo people/ foreigners feed you with even though, you were not around. Please, don’t dishonor your history and heritage.

  3. Tortoise news trending. I hope they are correct in the age estimate of that tortoise. And why did it wait until St Helena Tortoise? I hope that somebody in not trying to make money using this tortoise.

  4. I think for such to be reckoned with and accepted worldwide, it’s age must be established by documentary evidence. And that’s one advantage the St Helena’s oldest tortoise may have over the one found in Nigeria, since it’s age can only be deduced by oral evidence. You know the whites are very good at keeping written records from time immemorial.
    A good example is the instance of the world’s oldest man/woman, Nigeria has people who are past that age and are still living, but how many of them have a birth certificate? They can only deduce their age by oral evidence of notable events that happened when they were born.

    • And oral tradition is considered a valid means of transmitting historical events, as long as certain criteria are met. Let’s not discredit our own history and heritage

  5. Those of you that said it’s a lie or I no belief should take a trip to saun’s palace and ask questions, I belief our lack of adequate records is a big problem even to economy planning of the nation.

  6. I saw him with my two eyes and make findings about him,his age and status declared here,all were true,so that jonathan is grandson beside Baba Agba of Ogbomosho land

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