Photos & Video: EFCC Finds Huge Cash In Ikoyi Lagos Apartment

efcc cash ikoyi lagos apartment

April 12, 2017 – Video & Photo: EFCC Staff Counting Money Recovered From Apartment In Ikoyi Lagos

Photos & Video: EFCC Finds Huge Cash In Ikoyi Lagos Apartment…$38 Million Dollars, 27000 Pounds & N23 Million Naira Found Locked In Cabinets

Within 24 hours of uncovering a whopping 250million naira from a market in Balogun Lagos and N4billion deposited at GTBank, the EFCC has uncovered yet another huge cash again.

Earlier today, the agency uncovered 38 million dollars, 23 million naira and £27,000 from an apartment in Ikoyi Lagos.

The agency shared official photos from the raid on the social media tonight.

The house in question is House 16, Osborne Road Ikoyi.

See photos from the raid and video of the operatives from the Lagos Zone counting the money below

See how the guy con dey sweat.. chai!!!! these looters are hardened criminals.

This is why Saraki-led Senate gang refused to confirm Magu as EFCC Chairman.

18 thoughts on “Photos & Video: EFCC Finds Huge Cash In Ikoyi Lagos Apartment

  1. Waoh! This is actually real money???? How much can any one person spend in one life?????? The Lord deal with these looters. May their lot be terrible for putting Nigerians through such unnecessary lack. Imagine what this one alone can do for Nigerians…….

  2. This is another illegal money stocked in hidden places by Nigerian criminal, crooked and corrupt politicians and their associates while millions of our people are living in abject poverty. All we hear and know about our politicians is looting, corruption and misappropriation. Few days ago, one heartless and corrupt Nigerian judge ordered the unfrozen of $4.5 million dollars ( about N1.7 billion naira) that belong to former First Lady who didn’t holds any official office as the rightful owners of billions of naira of the people’s money. These guys are not human beings because they have sold their hearts and soul to the devil in order to acquire blood money. Our politicians are thickly rich at the expense of suffering Nigerians dying from the lack of jobs, social amenities, lack of security, lack of safe drinking water, stress due to bad roads and bridges, poor health care, shattered dreams, and lack of foods. This is why President Buhari has so much opposition from those crooks because it is no longer business of looting, corruption, and embezzlement as usual. What makes the matter worse is that some foolish and ignorant Nigerian people whose common sense and judgement have been impaired by tribalism and hatred always hall and support criminals just because they are from their tribes or same section of the country. That can of behavior is nothing but pure ignorance and lack of conscience. May God deliver us from our own wickedness. Amen.

  3. Jesus!!!!!!!!! What the hell!!! Are they fake or real money, how come, what!! Wat!! ye paripa!! ori iya mi o!! eladami o!!! they don kill us ooooo

  4. God of Heaven and Earth destroy all those that have turned Nigeria into what it is today. Wipe out their entire generation that there will be no remembrance of them in history. People are suffering and some are stacking dollars in a country where naira is spent.

  5. Mysterious hand must be on this recent development, the looting has been happening for a very long time, i am still tempted to say that this administration is working hard towards re-election, however, the masses will appreciate this initiative if there will be accountability in all recovered so far. We heard billions recovered after the death of Abacha,we don’t know where they are or invested. Nigeria case is always recovered loot,looted.

    What we heard recovered for the past one week alone can help to settle our hard working government officials who never receive their salaries for the past six months or more.

    All these will not make much sense if the life of Nigerians still remain the same before the end of this year,especially,ordinary people.

  6. God, just one person, chaiiii. Little wonder why oyinbo people will never have regard for us. How on earth will someone has the mind to starch this kind of money and you move out everyday seeing people been ravaged by hunger not knowing where the next meal is going to come from.

  7. I thought as much why senate dont want to confirm MAGU, it is obvious that guy wont spare any of this looters once he find anything hiding about them… But my questions is Nigerian politician a human , cos i am very worry how can a man keep this kind of money at home, while millions are dieing when they can afford a good medical treatment and even to feed.. THESE PEOPLE ARE DEVILS

  8. What! Speechless!!!
    These looters are just heartless.. Mennnnnn….no conscience for their dictionary…. May God judge all of u accordingly…

  9. I suspect that there are still many other houses where this kind of thing will be discovered. This can not be a one-man affair. Knowing Nigerian as what it has always been and will forever be, there are more of this kind to be discovered with the help of whistle blowers. Even in America which is the native land of dollars, can this kind of thing happen there? This is abnormal and wicked!

    • > Even in America which is the native land of dollars, can this kind of thing happen there?

      Trump has spent $150 million, flying him and his kids around in the first two months. Paid himself $3 million (“rent”) to house security detail in the tower he owns. Bumped up his club memberships by $100k apiece.

      It happens in America, too.

  10. It is so sad, we are sitting, but not doing anything to stop all this nonsense. How long are we going to live like this. This is sad and pittiful.

  11. Are you sure these photos are not of some strong room in a Bank somewhere and they just pull our leg to say all that money …cash…. Is owned by one person? How do they ever get to count it all?

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