Photos & Video: Nigerian Air Force Officers Caught Torturing Female Cadet At NDA

nda torture video

March 15, 2016 – Heartbreaking Video: Nigerian Air Force Officials Caught Torturing Female Recruit, Cadet At NDA (Nigerian Defence Academy)  

This heartbreaking video of Miss H.T Ebenezer, a junior recruit of the Nigerian Defence Academy being tortured by some senior officers has gone viral.

What you are about to watch will shock you.

The officers torturing the lady even threatened to flog her if she refuses to yield to their evil instructions.

nigerian airforce officer torture female cadet

Watch the video below

We can’t believe this abuse/torture is still happening at the NDA.

Please pass this to friends, let’s seek justice for Miss Ebenezer.

If this is indeed training, why was she made to undergo this alone?

Say no to military torture #JUSTICEFORMISSEBENEZER.

29 thoughts on “Photos & Video: Nigerian Air Force Officers Caught Torturing Female Cadet At NDA

  1. Please this is not a matter of being wicked but barbaric. What is wrong Nigerians, nothing comes out of the land most recently. I guess the world is watching all “that” changes that the people asked for. Impunity! impunity!! impunity!!!

  2. This is too humiliating to be a military training. The authority concerned must investigate this with a view to bringing those involved in this heinous conduct to justice.

  3. I am pretty sure this can‘t be ordinary training, i percieved there is more to it, some evil motives am sure.

    This is another form of punishment instigated by some malicious motives in the name of training.
    I cant say for sure but there is an All-Seeing-Eyes watching.

    Disgustingly, I just have to…


  4. Sorry people every
    Military personel has gone through this routine several times, its a way of life in the military. U have to make up your mind for this stuff before applying. I was doing this activities even as a 14year old at nms.

  5. This is d height of oppressive conduct, gross indiscipline and outright violation of the rules of military training anywhere in the world. These treatment is unknown to any military or paramilitary academy. It is nothing but gross violation of her right to human dignity, a threat to her life by these who are supposed to mould and transform her to a fine, gentle and disciplined officer. They must be made to face trial. The law must catch up with them pls nigerian women and women all over the world arise wherever u are against these beasts of no nation.

  6. This is a disgrace to the Nigeria so call military,the so call officer’s must be brought to justice.
    This poor lady definitely comes from a poor background so she will have no one to fight for her but the so call officer’s be sure your punishment will surely come in millions different ways.
    Why why why ?

  7. It’s on fair oh’ has he also 4get dat he came out 4rm a womans ass, he shudn’t av done diz wortless act, it totally wickedness, anoda person pikin na em u de use de show ur dirty skils training dis is child Abuse,God is watching u wt eva u name is….


  9. The first time I watched this video I cried for this lady . This is very cruel what can she do to them that made them punished her this way. Stupid people living in animal kingdom

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