Photos: World’s Strongest Boxer Floyd Mayweather Steps Out With Giant Bodyguard In Milan Italy

mayweather giant bodyguard

Feb 11, 2016 – Pictures: World’s Strongest Boxer, Floyd Mayweather Steps Out With The Biggest Bodyguard Ever In Milan Italy

Check out the giant bodyguard spotted with Floyd Mayweather in Milan Italy today.

Considering his status as the world’s greatest boxer, does he really need such bodyguards?

Mayweather who is popular for doing things in excess might just be making a statement here.

But does he really need someone this size to look after him?

17 thoughts on “Photos: World’s Strongest Boxer Floyd Mayweather Steps Out With Giant Bodyguard In Milan Italy

  1. Thats a very good question. That moment when a No.1 Boxer has a bodyguard, definitely no one is should blame our politicians for having much security men wit them. Guess he’s using it as a celebrity

    • BUT Weather is not using stolen or looted money to acquire bodyguards. In case you don’t know, he is going to make money off this trip on his reality TV show. Olumide, why are you ignorantly comparing APPLE TO ORANGE? Those of you supporting looters and criminals are not different from them. Only God knows your true identity, in one of your ridiculous comments yesterday, you advice that PMB should stop probing looters of the people’s money that have caused millions of Nigerian abject poverty, hardship, and insecurity.

  2. See size! Mayweather is not a short guy(about 1.7m tall). But see how this potato bag has dwarfed him. I pray they don’t have messy diagreement because all this guy needs to do is fall on top of Mayweather.

  3. I hear say Ngwa pipul for Abia State are still eat human beans. If they catch this big man, na tank they go use to cook his meat.

  4. As long he is a strong guy, he really needs them. or was he blind to see them as giant when he appointed them to be his bodyguard? so what he whats, he gets!

  5. He needs the giant man for attention. He just want people always stare at him whenever he passes any street, road, name them.

  6. Nothing bad ???? for him working with bodyguard, being the world strongest boxer will not stop him from having a guard,if most of you were opportune like him the same thing would be done,let the boxer rocks with his fat,huge guard as if the pump air inside him.

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