Picture: Tonto Dikeh’s Boyfriend In 2013 Is Malivehood’s Michael Awujoola

tonto dikeh boyfriend 2013

Nov 25, 2013 – Photo: Tonto Dikeh’s Boyfriend In 2013 Is Michael Awujoola Of Malivelihood

You might have seen her with different guys in the past but controversial Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has finally revealed the man she is currently dating (her new boyfriend in 2013).

At the Exquisite Lady of the Year, ELOY Awards event in Lekki Lagos last night, the actress introduced Michael Awolaja as her boyfriend while receiving an award on stage.

Popularly known as Malivehood, he is a wealthy business man and the founder of Malivelihood, a luxury designer company.

Recently, the actress flaunts an 18 Carat Golden iPhone 5s she received from him on Instagram.

This explains why the star actress suddenly turned into a golden girl.

Tonto Dikeh is now dating a designer boyfriend…Hmmmm wishing her goodluck.

14 thoughts on “Picture: Tonto Dikeh’s Boyfriend In 2013 Is Malivehood’s Michael Awujoola

  1. Tonto please shine ur eye well well
    this man is trying to use you to gain popularity
    He will soon dump u for a good Yoruba girl
    A word is enough for the wise

  2. Of what use is a boyfriend to a crack smoking addict like Tonto Dikeh
    I pity her late mother of how useless her daughter has become

  3. Is not a strange thing to us that Tonko Dikeh never stay long in a relationship. For either U or Him will shall surely dump each other like like a refuse. Consider your previous relationship Tonko Dikeh please.
    1. Don Jazy
    2. Iyanya
    3. etc oooooo

  4. good for u Tonto,am happy for you.to all the haters;lets not thrive on dirt alone,but congratulate someone when they r moving in a positive direction.jelousy is a crime,dont let it engulf u the haters.enemies of progress.big up Tonto.

  5. They say a word is enough for the wise, please i beg you never to fall so cheap that every guy will start rejecting you, please just reason that statement, her new boyfriend for 2013, that means they are calling you a filter, stop dating around, abeg……..

  6. Some of you condemning Tonto are not better than Tonto. I am not a fan to Tonto Dike but the way people are destroying her with their words is not fair. Is there any of you that does not have past life, let him or her stone Tonto. Most of the ladies calling her names, I bet you, Tonto is hundred percent better than you. You are just being jealous of her. Please let her be. Is her life that she is leaving not yours. If you want to advice her, you do that in a way that will not hurt hear feelings. thank you.

  7. Hey, you guys are all failures. Mike is made period. Tonto is a star and nothing less. Stop running mouth because nobody will ever know you. Tonto, please shine on my sister

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