Pictures: Man Beaten To Coma By Mopol, Mobile Policemen In Lekki Lagos

man beaten mopol lekki lagos

March 12, 2015 – Nigerian Police Brutality: Man Beaten To Coma By Mopol In Lekki Lagos

Photos: Man Beaten To Coma By Mopol, Mobile Police Officers In Lekki Lagos Nigeria

A Zenith Bank customer was beaten to the point of death on Wednesday by some trigger happy mobile police officers attached to the bank yesterday.

According to an eyewitness, the victim was about entering Zenith Bank when an argument broke out. He was dragged to Elf Bus stop in Lekki Phase 1 where the wicked Mopol descended on him.

The witness said they used belt and gun to beat the hell out of the guy who later fell into coma.

We learnt that other policemen and motorists took the man to the hospital.

The identities of the brutal policemen who reportedly attack the guy is still unknown.

No word yet on his condition.

This police brutality is going out of hand. These are the people paid to protect lives.

Haba this is just too much…..

9 thoughts on “Pictures: Man Beaten To Coma By Mopol, Mobile Policemen In Lekki Lagos

  1. This is too much to bear. What did he do to deserve all this, a criminal case must be opened asap

  2. Oh Nigeria police this is real barbaric. Why is your own training different from other countries training. If Police in oyibo land were soo brutal then none of you will rush to get visa to go to oyibo land or other African countries. This is real sad. May God heal and rescue this man. Why did the police taking this man to hospital not stop their colleague from beating this man in this way?

    Even if this man killed someone is this way to treat him as a criminal. This is someones father. Oh Nigeria police change this is not good at all. God forgive this police man who did this to this man a husband a a father.

    GEJ look for these police and caution them all. They must be arrested and cautioned very well. Why not go beat the leader of Boko haram.

  3. Mbu , the chief thug has give them the go ahead to maim and kill.
    This govt does not care about its citizens. The guys that did this will never be found. Where were they during the robbery operation in that axis this afternoon?

  4. foolish policemen,they should try that in abroad. beating human being as if they’re goat because you wear a uniform,drank bottle of okokoro

  5. First of all we don’t have police in Nigeria, but instead criminals. Most of this policemen give their weapons to armed robbers in exchange for money after robbery. The only protection every Nigerian has is God protection. Our country needs serious prayers and because we’ve got so many false men of God even make it worse. Most of our church Leaders owns private jets and several businesses around the globe. their making themselves richer and you getting poorer daily. its written in the bible that false prophets will start running our nation. The same men of God worhsip idols behind close doors to seek spiritual powers. And most Nigerians got the extent of calling them Daddy. The only daddy that i have is Jesus because He died for my sins. Most of this men of Gold called themselves into service to serve God ,but not ordained by God to lead his people. Because of wickedness thats why our country is been ravaged by Boko Haram and so much povery and insecurity. Our currency is depreciating daily. Our Leaders needs and Nigerians needs to repent. We black people are the cause of our own problems. The westerners makes fun of us because we are wicked to each others as a black nation. We don’t help the poor. The rich ones in the western countries give back to the less privilege. Our education system is damaged. Every young boys now wants to be like wizkid. Most children have lost hope in education but to earn quick money and drive a big car. May God bless us all.

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