Pictures Of Meriam Ibrahim’s Newborn Baby & Husband Inside Jail (Christian Sudanese Woman On Death Row)

meriam ibrahim jail picture

May 30, 2014 – Photos Of Meriam Ibrahim’s Newborn Baby & Husband Inside Prison (Christian Sudanese Woman On Death Row)

Check out these exclusive photos of Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman who was sentenced to death by hanging for marrying an American Christian man.

Meriam Ibrahim, a Sudanese mother of 2 was thrown into jail last September after she was accused of marrying a Christian.

meriam ibrahim inside jail

Pictured above is Meriam Ibrahim inside the prison where she is being held with her two kids.

The mother of two puts on a brave face as he holds her newborn baby girl Maya who was born in the jail where she has been locked up for 8 months.

But behind the smile there is a different story – Meriam’s eyes have dark rings under them, her arms are alarmingly thin and her face looks gaunt.

Gone is the radiant glow from the day she married husband Daniel Wani, a U.S. citizen, and in its place is a woman struggling with the awful fate awaiting her.

The prison where Meriam Ibrahim is being kept

Her legs were chained while she gave birth to her newborn baby 5 days before her due date.

The Sudanese woman is a doctor by profession.

She was sentenced to death for converting from Islam to Christianity after marrying Daniel Wani who currently lives in New Hampshire.

Meriam Ibrahim’s husband was initially refused to see her after birth but was allowed in with a lawyer.

She might never see Maya grow up as she refuses to renounce Christianity.

The family are taking time to enjoy the birth before they fight injustice’ -said the lawyer taking up their case

See more photos of Meriam Ibrahim’s husband, Daniel Wani and her kids below

meriam ibrahim newborn baby pictureMeriam’s husband holding the newborn baby.

This is pure evil, how can you kill a human being like you for converting to Christianity…. Please international human rights organisations must take up this case.

Meriam Ibrahim’s life must be spared for the sake of her two children.

Please share this with everyone you know….. Let’s work together to save Meriam’s life.

Please sign a petition to save Meriam’s life at

35 thoughts on “Pictures Of Meriam Ibrahim’s Newborn Baby & Husband Inside Jail (Christian Sudanese Woman On Death Row)

  1. Isl** is evil. Musli** are bunch of compassionless animals
    How can dey kill this woman and mess up her children’s destiny

  2. Sudanese government should please have mercy on this woman
    Pls let her go to d US with her husband
    she is not hte only woman from Sudanese to convert to Christian pls pity her now

  3. This is why I can never stay in muslim countries like Dubai and the rest, they have rigid rule.
    A classmate of mine has been jailed in Dubai for over 9 years now with no pardon.

    Evil evil people serving the devil

      • MKO. stop defending this hearthless religion. the truth is that islam is full of shit. And they worship the devil. so convert now to christain or face the the anger of the ONE AND ONLY God JEHOVAH. there is still time to be saved.#heartlessreligion.

  4. Mariam did not kill or comitn any crime,pple has their own way of believe,you have the choice to be Christian or Muslim.And for this innocent lady to become a Christian is not a crime,Muslims stop reacting callous,allowing pple into your religion is not by force or killing,u call it a religion of peace,and it not reflecting it jez a piece of HATRED AND WICKEDNESS.

  5. What make her stay in Sudan when her husband is in USA,for God sake,she know those people will want to use her life for public politics because of problem Sudan and America have,if not why they will kill her.afterall she have being marry to this christian man for long time,this is thier second children,her mother rise her in christianity,she was born half christian and muslims,marry christian for long time, so is now they know and want to kill her.that what i respect christian or any other religion, they will never kill u, God own life not human,hwo many pastor children convert to muslim no body kill them,but muslim which am belong killing, thank God we muslim in S.west Nigeria dont care,we have children b4 we marry, and marry christian or traditional belives cos we are 3 in 1 in almost every yoruba family,thank God am not from arab or Sudan country,Immedately God save u,not to die young and live ur belove kids, run to ur husband in USA ,never come back thier again eveil country,kill human cos of religion,they are not God to take life.

  6. Dis is call wickedness they are “callous” only God will judge them. they can’t give live y are they taken life.

  7. When i said islam to me means wickness…come pple like RETHINK want to crusify me….so what will u call this now,,?? This woman is nt even a muslim…her sudanese dad abandoned her with her ethiopia mother we rise her in church…she is never a muclim…look at the kind of suffer they subjected a pregnant woman….carrying her pregnancy with chain on her legs…God will definitly jidge them accordinly….

  8. may the mercy of God rest upon u Miriam. For stand on what u believe in “that jesus christ is ur personal lord and saviour ” he will not forsake u, we are with u in prayers. remain strong.

  9. if her husband is a USA citizen, she is also a USA citizen by marriage nd can be free frm dis barbaric law. my prayers wid her tho.

  10. Saphire and samuel, i urge you to refrain from using this platform to bashing Islam. Islam is not the problem here. Sudanese govt is playing politics, simple. Unless and until you can quote directly from Qur’an where it says to kill someone purely for changing religion, then you have the right to criticize Islam. I am sure you have Muslim neighbors and they haven’t kill you. They probably are the best well behaved folks around you. Learn to distinguish so called Muslim rulers from Islam and other Muslims. Islam as a religion is free from what the govt did to her. I personally believe the sentencing is a joke anyway. Besides that, media in 21st century are unlawful. They report things that are in their best interest. As for those who claim some Christians don’t kill their converts, there is nothing to argue here. If only you can lower your gaze and see beyond your nose, you will see unreported cases of Christians who have have killed converts or in honor killings.

    • And here we have chrisitan father killed his daughter in the name of religion. Should we say christianity is evil?. I guess not. We live in anti-Islam world.
      JUST READ: ***link removed***

    • And what do you think of this chrisitan father who killed his daughter. Does that make christianity evil?
      JUST READ: ***link removed***

  11. Amanda, u should atleast tink before posting here… Chtristianity dnt force people to convert..and dey dnt kill if u leave there religion…..if u dnt no wat to say abeg go sleep…wat abt arab countries. dnt dey kill if u convert to christian..dis is religion nt politic….dey said she must convert wic she reject dat y she will b kill2d..ur sense of reasoning and thinkin is sooo low..dnt blame u sha ua one of dos stupid animals here in nigeria..if u dnt no wat to say abeg go and hug transformer..idiot amanda

  12. I hope the Sharia people in the North of Nigeria will not start to emulate this stupidity and wickedness.

  13. You’re right buddy. Islam is the problem of the world, they’re responsible for numerous problem on the world today. The Holy Bible said it in the Old Testament. #BLOOD SUCKING RELIGION-ISLAM#

  14. Can someone tell me what happens to a Christian who converts to Islam?????? I know many who converted even famous celebrities at that, talk less of the unknown number of ordinary day to day converts to Islam.
    I heard from the grape vine that KICC leader was a Muslim now converting souls to Christ. Will Boko Haram or Sudanese Muslims linch him?
    Enough of this excuses using religion to commit crime against humanity.
    Islam and Christianity that I grew up to know is so so different from what is preached and practiced nowadays.
    Pastors and Clerics please help us to teach the old ‘Bibeli mimo’ and ‘Koran mimo’ that preaches LOVE.

  15. People keep saying islam is not evil… is it a worldwide blackmail? smh.. i had xperience livin in d northern Nig. it was d almajiris on my street that dircected dem to burn n house n supposedly kill us.. but God is on d throne.Yes,there are some muslims wif conscience, bt d truth is their teachers teaches dem evil either frm d quran or wateva…lots of my galfrnds hav bn converted to islam… d parent let go… bt as a muslim if u convert to xtianity u ar dead! *speakin frm xperience. Praying fr ds woman…she’ve bn tru hell n bak…may her morning comes soon.

  16. For God sake its only Islam that treat people like this, when a christian convert to Muslim they like it and celebrate it but when a Muslim convert to Christianity they hunt the person down by all means and kill the person. From all indication Islam is EVIL, they should stop lying to people that Islam is a religion of peace…

  17. evil this is disgusting as humans we have no right to take another’s life except God almight what is wrong converting from muslim to Christian for me there’s no big deal there bcos i’ve heard and also rede it how some People who call themselves christians convert to muslim, some of this pple who who convert to muslim is bcos their hubby is a muslim so that’s why they did it,and why others know why they choose to convert from christians to muslims so we christians did not condemn this act so why are the muslims now crying just bcos of one member they re fools for taking laws into their Hands i pray may the almighty God in his infinte mercies deliever her,poor u meriam the Lord is ur strength.

  18. May Allah forgive everyone and forgive me too…. do not judge when you dnt no what is written in the holy Quran and the holy bible……….

  19. @ amanda I’m disappointed in u. I pray dat God will deliver us from dis wicked people and also deliver Miriam from dis devilish people

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