Pregnant Mercy Johnson & Patience Ozokwor Spotted In Atlanta

mercy johnson patience ozokwor atlanta

Nov 28, 2013 – Pregnant Mercy Johnson And Mama G Spotted In Atlanta

American is fast becoming a big tourist destination for Nollywood stars.

With millions of Nollywood movie lovers in America, major cities have now become Nollywood movie production hubs.

Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson Okojie is currently in the United States Of America rounding up the shooting of her highly anticipated movie titled Baby Oku in America.

The talented movie star didn’t go alone, she went along with her baby daughter Purity and veteran actress Patience Ozokwor alias Mama Gee.

To clear out some confusion, Mercy Johnson is not pregnant but she is acting the role of a pregnant woman.

We are still unsure how long she is going to stay but she is likely not returning to Nigeria before Christmas.

Check out another photo she shared from Atlanta, Georgia below:

mercy johnson pregnant

17 thoughts on “Pregnant Mercy Johnson & Patience Ozokwor Spotted In Atlanta

  1. I live in Atlanta i would have love to meeting Mama G and Mercy Johnson. When you in The ATL always down on the ground there is dog BOBO in the picture by Mama G feet.

    • hey seser where are u at in atlanta, would like to meet up,,,atlanta GAy capital of the worl.. heard like 90% of ppl there are Gay….am visiting atlanta soonest, not for gay things cos am not GAY. just wanna come see the town.. Are u Gay

  2. Pregnant just now, haba! Your child is not up to a year and you already carrying another pregnancy of abt 8mnths, Meaning say ur marriage is nothing but about killing ur hubby in bed, na wa oooo, all this actress na wa for them

    • poor comprehension bcos u only feast on negativities…if u can read where the writer mentioned she aint pregnant but only appeared so cos of the upcoming movie.

  3. I hope purity is getting her own pay check for all her waka pass in the movies.MJ and Mama J together in a movie ,that will be laugh and die.

  4. Bezo are u a dumbass dat u can read dat she is actin pregnant or do u think is ur mother gives birth 2 times a year. Mj is d best talented actress 4 all i care.

  5. Beby oku, carry go jor. Infant , even if na another baby, born am. U dont need any ones permition. U r simply on d ryt track. Make ur money abeg.

  6. D fact on earth is d@, people must talk about or against u as far as u re a living being. Nd rumour is anoder part of flesh in a human d@ people talk abt dat may nt be true. So mercy see wat ever dy say abt ur as part of ur uprising. As for bezo he is jelous of u.

  7. hahaha or yo niggas cant speak good english…i love that nigerians are sooo proud.
    …the rest of africa shud do the same……

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