Pregnant Woman Burnt Alive By Husband’s Brother In Imo State For Pouring Water On His Dog

pregnant woman burnt alive imo state

Jan 24, 2013 – Man Burns Brother’s 7-Month-Pregnant Wife To Death In Imo State For Pouring Water On His Dog

In what might sound like a tale from a Hammer House of Horror movie, a seven-month pregnant woman was recently burnt to death in Umuekechi village, Umuekwunne community in Ngor-Okpala Local Government Area of Imo State. It was learnt that she was doused with fuel and set ablaze by her brother-in-law. Reason? The woman was said to have poured water on the man’s dog.

Sun News gathered that at about mid-day on Wednesday last week, Mrs. Uloma Njoku had served her three children their lunch and continued with her laundry at the backyard. But while the children were eating in the family’s compound, the dog of her brother-in-law, Chibueze, allegedly strayed to where they were eating. The dog was said to have dipped its mouth into their cup of water. One of the children then allegedly reported the incident to her mother, Uloma.

Uloma was said to have poured the water on the dog before throwing the cup away. Trouble started when Chibueze, who was said to be inside his room at the time, saw what his brother’s wife had done to his dog. According to eyewitnesses, he promptly came out to confront her, demanding to know why she poured water on his dog just because the animal wanted to drink water from a cup. That led to an exchange of abusive words between Uloma and Chibueze. During the altercation, Sun News learnt that Chibueze had threatened to deal with Uloma ruthlessly.

He reportedly left the compound while Uloma went to the back of the compound to spread the clothes she had washed. But unknown to the heavily pregnant woman, Chibueze had gone into his room. He came out with a plastic bowl filled with petrol and made straight for Uloma, who was hanging her washed clothes at the back of the compound. He immediately splashed the fuel on her, set her ablaze and took to his heels. It was the cry of anguish from Uloma that attracted their neighbours who tried to put out the fire. They then rushed her to the community health centre.

Unfortunately, she died the following day as a result of the severe burns she had suffered. One of the villagers told Sun News that ever since the late Uloma was married into that family, she had never been in good terms with Chibueze, adding that the death of Uloma should be blamed on her husband, Emma Njoku. “This incident is nothing but the climax of accumulated grievances by Chibueze. But he went too far this time and that is why the youths had to hunt for him.

And immediately he was caught, he was handed over to the police.” Sun News equally learnt that the youths of the village who could no longer bear the atrocities of Chibueze had to fish him out from hiding and hand him over to the police. Many members of the community said Chibueze Njoku had, before the latest atrocity of setting his elder brother’s wife on fire, been a terror in the village. One of the community members, a man, said the people, including his family members, were afraid of him, as he had once threatened to kill his elder brother and his children.

He said after the ugly incident, the youths in the community decided to put an end to his nefarious activities. Meanwhile, it was learnt that the relations of the deceased woman are already spoiling for war with the Njoku family if they refuse to hand the culprit to them. The Police Public Relations Officer in Imo State, Vitalis Onugu, a deputy superintendent of police (DSP) confirmed that Chibueze was nabbed and is currently being held at the State Criminal Investigation Department. The police spokesman said the police authorities are still investigating the matter.

[Sun News report]

33 thoughts on “Pregnant Woman Burnt Alive By Husband’s Brother In Imo State For Pouring Water On His Dog

  1. Dis z unbelievable! Inhumanity of man 2 his fellow man! No 1 z safe again in ds our 9ja! God pls hav mercy…

  2. Very unfortunate and so sympathetic…GOD WILL surely punish him 4 dat act. Is only in d east dat such an happen,is only an igbo man dan can do dis rubbish.

    • Mr Yusuf, I’m not surprised u spoke like dis. U moslems, wen ur daggars are dripping wit d bloods of innocent people, stil hav d boldness 2say Islam is about peace. I’ve neva seen such a brood of liers b4. Islam is not really about PEACE, but about REST IN PEACE.

    • yusuf or wut do u cal urself, u must be a s****d man. Do u know how many people dat hav bn bombd, burnt, mascare, etc by ur people since they started dis bokoharam of a thing. Ur mad. Beast!

  3. “suffer not the witch to live”; “the wages of sin is death”, so those Bible says, let the culprit pays with his life dats just d point and let the police forget about the investigation because there is nothing to investigate all about. since the culprit have been known for nefarious activities, threaten people’s life dat is enough reason to sentence him to death by hanging.

  4. If i may say!!! For me i dn’t believe this kind of stories at all, come 2 think of it does it means that no 1 could stop d guy 4 taken d action dat he took… Or is he insain….? Maybe who knows…..

  5. So, the story I’ve just read happened in real life? I’m speechless! I wish the guy suffered the same fate that the woman suffered. Sigh.

  6. dat man shld be burnt alive immediately witout mercy,dia is no need involvin d police since d all kwn abt his nefarious lifestyle,but may God grant d soul of d deceased internal rest,amen.

  7. man inhumanity to man,i wish dis wz Allu community dis useless wicked wizard would be a roasted suya by nw.he shld die 4 his wickedness

  8. wickedness in the heart of man who can know it. inshort the chibueze or what so called is name need to be jailed or else he will do more than that to even the children of the late oloma.
    well uloma RIP

  9. There seems to be a lot of mad people running the streets of that country called Nigeria but i guess its not like the old days where you used to see them walking the streets naked.

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