Prof Michael Filani Is Dead: UI Professor Dies While Watching Nigeria/Ethiopia Match In Ibadan

prof michael filani is dead

Oct 15, 2013 – Prof. Michael Filani Is Dead: University Of Ibadan, UI Professor Dies Of Heart Attack While Watching Nigeria Ethiopia Football Match In Ibadan

A popular lecturer at Geography department of UI has passed on.

The Ekiti-born professor dies of an apparent heart attack while watching Nigeria Vs Ethiopia match at his home in Oluyole Ibadan on Sunday Oct 13, 2013.

The popular professor who has over 35 years of teaching and research experience wasn’t ill until the time of his untimely demise this past Sunday.

According to sources, he got into trouble in the first half of the game when the Ethiopian team almost succeeded Nigeria but unfortunately he didn’t watch the football match till the end before his death.

Late Michael Filani is an experienced writer who has published over 100 articles on regional development and planning.

Between 1981 to 1984, he served as the Chairman of the Consultancy Services Committee at the Faculty of Social Sciences in UI. He was a member of the Board of Directors and the Dean of Social Sciences from 1985 to 87.

From 1993 to 95, he was the University of Ibadan’s Deputy VC of Administration.

From 97 to 1998 he was the President of the Nigerian Geographical Association.

He is survived by his wife and many children.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

21 thoughts on “Prof Michael Filani Is Dead: UI Professor Dies While Watching Nigeria/Ethiopia Match In Ibadan

  1. Seriously don’t blame his death on any match,heart attack can happen to anybody at unfortunate that he didn’t see the end of

  2. I pity his condition it has happened to me on several occasions
    all I did was to turn off the match and walk away
    Rest in peace Michael.

  3. I know him very well he is a very serious type but I never thought he likes sport to this extent. I wish someone can just whisper a good news to his hearing perhaps he might wake up from the dead.
    RIP Prof Michael Filani

  4. Hahahaha, what is giving u heart attack in that stupid match,bros non be that match at all, u already have wat was burdening u jare, RIP

  5. R.I.P MY GREAT PROFESSOR. We have lost an academic, a collosus, a genius and a trial blazer in the GREAT UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN. May His Academic, serious and committed Soul rest in Perfect Peace. Amen

  6. mtchwwww Professor na so E go be nah after u don f**k Up finish for uni ibadan na so e dey end..make una small small dey chop Money for universities oo bcos God dey…e beta make ur fellow brothers kw watin dey right..well RIP

  7. What a great loss to the good people of ikole ekiti,omodowa community,filani family in particular and the great UI RIP prof, we love you but God loves you most adieu

  8. wat a great loss to d depts of geo in nigeria,UI n especially Tasued…so so painful…o ma se oo…RIP one of our best prof

  9. wat a great loss, all transport students and geography department in TASUED will miss u all, RIP prof( CRYING)

  10. To many of us,Prof.vast contributions to the development of Ikole will never be forgotten in a hurry.Its a pointer to us all to contribute no matter how big or small to the existence of mankind, particularly those around you.Your fatherly drives for peaceful co-existence and developments will remain classic.RIPP our OWN Prof. jare!

  11. As it was reported that he was not sick before the occurence it can happen to anybody it is called ‘SADS’ Sudden Arthymmia Death Syndrome. My prayer to the entire family is that God will grant you the fortitude to bear the loss. My sincere prayer to the wife (my lecturer in Nursing Reseach in1986) is that God will continue to protect you read Psalm 46 verse 1,Exodus 14 verse 14. God bless you Ma.

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