Proposal Fails As Nigerian Man Plants Marijuana Weed Inside Girlfriend’s Car With Police Help

nigerian plants marijuana weed inside girlfriend car

December 1st, 2017 – Nigerian Man Planted Marijuana Weed Inside Girlfriend’s Car, Planned With Mobile Police To Make A Proposal And This Happened

Proposal Fails As Nigerian Man Plants Marijuana Weed Inside Girlfriend’s Car With Police Help

Check out this unfortunate story of a Nigerian guy who planned to surprise his girlfriend with a bizarre proposal idea.

The now heartbroken dude reportedly planted Marijuana weed in his girlfriend’s car and made a deal with some mobile police to stop and search her car and arrest her with the hope that she will call him to bail her out at the police station where he planned to pop the question to her but instead, the lady called another guy who came to pick her up.

The mobile police team the dude hired to frame up the crime scene later called him back to break the sad news to him.

Here is how a Twitter user based in Degema Local Government Area of Rivers state broke the news on Twitter via @kelvinbraide.

What if another police team unaware of the planned proposal arrested the innocent girl???

Very risky proposal idea.

13 thoughts on “Proposal Fails As Nigerian Man Plants Marijuana Weed Inside Girlfriend’s Car With Police Help

  1. The girl should just call it quit. Dis is one bad guy.
    I u offend him in the future, expect him to set u up with similar stunt

  2. It is now clear to the guy that he is not the only guy banging the girl. He should stop crying and take it like a man. Look for another woman to date.

  3. Bad idea to propose from the guy but at the same time it appeared to have exposed the girl’s hidden agenda..have a boyfriend and a sugar daddy/politician, I guess.

  4. The girl has all the right instincts. What kind of ” joke” is that in a place like Nigeria where even the news that she was at the police station on suspicion of harboring some bit substance suspected to be……you know ….takes years to live down the scandal.

    This kind of guy has no clue about boundaries between pranks and serious matters. Hope losing this lady will help him think in a mature manner in future.

  5. If this guy had married her she will be bedding both of them without him knowing. This shows she was two timing both of them. He should thank his God instead of crying that she called another man instead of him.

  6. This is a hard test that solved what could have been a very deadly union/marriage……if things went well and they married each other,and eventually this lady happen to be seeing this other guy,guess what will happen cos they can’t hide it forever.

  7. The girl must take both the police and his estrange boyfriend to court please to explain their intent. otherwise that same guy will put her in a big trouble again.

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