Rapper 50 Cent Involved In Tragic Car Crash

50 cent car crash

June 26, 2012 – Rapper 50 Cent Involved In Tragic Car Crash

American rapper 50 cent was involved in a tragic car accident in Queens, NY last night.

His bullet-proof SUV collided with a Mack Truck in New York which forced his SUV to flip over.

The rapper sustained injuries to his neck and back.

rapper 50 cent car crash

As at the time of this report, he is currently receiving treatment in the hospital.

We wish him quick recovery.

14 thoughts on “Rapper 50 Cent Involved In Tragic Car Crash

  1. U did say B4 dt ur liev is in danger,Hop ur not drunk or tinking 2 mureach during ds period of ACCIDENT ? Note ds ple fanss an(hospitul). The nature of our world 2day…………hmmmmm

  2. No matter how powerful and equipment u use to protect ur self,what is going 2 happen will happen we all need 2 put our trust in God.sorry for the bad incident,american rapper(50 CENT)

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