Raw INEC Results Of 2015 Nigerian Presidential Election: Buhari Wins By 8,250,606 Votes While Jonathan Picks 3,081,450

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March 30, 2015 – Raw INEC Results Of Nigerian Presidential Election 2015: Buhari Wins By 8,250,606 Votes While  Jonathan Picks 3,081,450

From the information received from a credible source at the Indepent National Electoral Commission in Abuja, Buhari is set to be declared the winner of 2015 Nigerian Presidential election.

As at 1:15pm in Abuja, the results collated revealed that APC is leading by 69% nationwide as PDP follows at 30%.

See the full chart of the results below.

President Jonathan has called Buhari to congratulate him.

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267 thoughts on “Raw INEC Results Of 2015 Nigerian Presidential Election: Buhari Wins By 8,250,606 Votes While Jonathan Picks 3,081,450

  1. glorified f**ls, who told u Buhari has won? get ready to rush him to d hospital, because he is about to get the shock of his life. A…….P……..C………? how many times did l call u? wen u hear dat PDP has won don’t fight o! because now dat u people are winning, we are just watching.


  3. Plz, if u don’t accept Jesus as your personal Lord and savior, Just know that you are an Anti Christ and it is only those that accepts him are given powers to be called the sons of God. U better run for you life before Jesus Comes again to Jorge the world.

    Come 2 9ja case. If God wants to bless a country, he will bring a good man but if he want to punish a nation, he brings a bad man. Lets pray and watch.

  4. It doesn’t matter if buhari is a Muslim les vote him and see what is going to do i believe is going to do better than Jonathan apc change say baba say buhari i vote to apc

  5. Meanwhile, it is time for IGBO to rule Nigeria. The success of Nigeria is in their fear. We don’t need any other tribe to rule again unless IGBO. As long as other tribes rules, there must be corruption, the fear of Nigeria Dies immediately IBGO becomes the President. They claims to be one Nigeria But Hausa do not invest in Igbo Land and Yoruba do not invest In igbo, but only Ibgo invest every where to prove that they believe in one Nigeria. But others are afraid cus they believed that when Igbo gets in there, they will split the country then they will run away to live with what they have stolen ” THIS FEAR MUST DIE” if not, this country is going no where. IGBO PRESIDENT IS THE ONLY SOLUTION. I not say God shoudl bless Nigeria cus Nigeria is already blessed but GOD should heal Nigeria.

  6. Let all Umaru Dikko start running to London. Buhari is coming!. Did you steal Nigerian money as a politician?. Check your conscience and if the answer is yes Run. You will be boxed back in a crate though.

    Change the law and bring back all the politicians who run to hide in the senate for sake of immunity,to prosecution. Nigerian senate should not be a battalion of French legionaires where wanted criminals enlist to escape interpol

  7. Guyz I comdem no religion bur it is a BAD IDEA to comper Christians and muslems cus we ave got d vibe we got every thing muslems don’t have, as for u saying that how can u say he is three in one forgive me bur u are Hopeless infat u are an epitom of stupidity how can u undestan wat u don’t know or belive nor see. U can’t match God wit ur dump brain u think u are smart bur u are pepetually stupid, u ave not done understanding and analising science is My GOD dat u are analising wit dat ur gabage brain if u have noting to say go take a nape or go grab some tapioka or at least be useful. GEJ all the way. JONA SIT DOWN NA UR SIT. ROMANIA IS TUWALATING U…………

  8. ************All I know is thatva terrorist cannot rule Nigeria. Buhari is an embodiment of terrorism. He can never rule this country. We are Nigerians..We are not terrorist.

  9. Lets give God all the glory for the free and fair election that tuk place in Nigeria, and for given us His wish leader to govern Nigerians. Our prayer now is we should be fortunate in is regim. Tanx.

  10. Let’s wait and see the outcome of the results and who is finally declared winner by INEC, then u can start celebrating.

    • brother’s and sister this country is mest up, no hope, no joy, the uporchinity goodluck have he mest it up, look at four years he did nothing for us here, God help us in dis country

    • I don’t care whosoever that won. all I know is that Nigeria needs change. not the one that Will draw us black. if APC won and decide to bring us back then we the masses will no wat to do. is it not just four years is not forever

  11. i think al politician r dsame,al we nid as nigerians is 2 pray 4 GOD asistance 4 gud governance,i dn’t say jonathan dn’t do wel wot am saying is dat we nid a change n d change has come.he is our nigerian broda lets soport him n stop cursing nuisance 2 ourselfs,4 they wl seat n drink in asorock while we kil ourself.b wise

  12. d patient dog of buhari latter eat d fartest bone…..wheather he is a muslim or nt lets congratulate him, cos he has won d 2015 P.E….lets support him and pray 2 fufill his manifestoo…..

  13. Imagine the so-called president that opened his two eyes and nigerians were suffering for good six years and he couldn’t do anything as at that time,he now has the guts to campaign again for another 4 years so ppl will suffer.he’s a big liar.the money he didn’t spend for ppl ,even to the stupid fools that still vote for him, during his tenure,he was spending it on election time.if he offer me the money,the truth is that I will collect the money because it is my right and the money am suppose to have enjoyed in his tenure,but I will never vote for the him.even his so-called wife that speaks big grammar controls him.up APC

  14. What we need is not religious leader, but an intelligent humanitarian leader who will take Nigeria to the next level. Tanx.

  15. I don’t care whosoever that won. all I know is that Nigeria needs change. not the one that Will draw us black. if APC won and decide to bring us back then we the masses will no wat to do. is it not just four years is not forever

  16. I still lyk jonathan dan buhari,buhari is goin to rule by force lyk he did wen he was still the president in is military regime

  17. Let wait and see if there will be any change, Bcus those who put him there will like him to attend to his personal interest. I pray we see the change. Bcus those that say JEG is good that said he is bad. So if we can crucify christ then time will come we will get tired of his ruling. I pray God give us some one like Mandela

  18. Regardless of religion. We should support the winner. I have no doubt that Buhari will do much better as a president than Jonathan. Nigerians need who is capable of fixing the country not the Religion he belongs to.


  20. I doubt the authenticity of this Result sheet. Have you all Taken your Time to run a check thru the figures on this sheet and the Official Results released by INEC Which was of a live broadcast. Someone should pls check that of Imo and Some Other states as against Those we Heard and watched on live broadcast From Abuja. Thanks

  21. all we nid is a gud leader nt a leader wu wil b helping is family alone.any body dat wins we knw is GOD joice

  22. Either Buari is a Christian or not,we prayed that God should gives to us a good leader and i believed he has done that.

  23. I am not happy dat d ruler of d boko haram won d presidential election of nigeria, in other words we are in great trouble, terrorist are nw everywhere nd there is nothin any of us can do about it

  24. Those who are associating Buhari with terrorism are either unlearned kids or outrightly foolish adults. Buhari has ruled before, he didnt islamised Nigeria. Anyway, i am a christian, i voted for Buhari because i love Nigeria, i love my people and we have chosen a better person. Sai Baba, Sai Buhari, Period.

  25. Hurrayyy!!! Am not Nigerian but if this news is true am happy for those who voted Buhari,Africans should stop this tribalism and religious differences, let Buhari rule and let’s pray he gives Nigerians the best of service n change that rich country.

  26. My hand carry me dey paste, anywhere umbrella dey carry me dey paste, anywhere umbrella dey carry me dey paste. Foolish woman, raw illiterate,crude, desperate, power-drunk, mama peace, national disgrace, mama of the nation, shame to Nigeria, there is god o! ‘ Fellow widow’. Now that your visa to Aso Rock has expires on May 29, what remains in your portfolio of shame for the country, dish them out quickly for afterwards there will be no more room for you. The military you use today against women in Rivers State will hunt you afterwards

  27. My Country people, there is no need fighting about religion. If you say Allah is the same as Almighty God, that is individual point of view. Buahari Has own the presidential election, Who voted Him? GEJA has failed Who caused it? all i know is that God has a purpose in Nigeria and that purpose must be fulfilled either by Buahari Or GEJA. He is never a death God. Upon this mountain He shall Build His church and the gate of hell shall not prevail against it.

  28. Why is it that some ppl don’t reason before making comments.Check the Presidencial Result that are already out,all south south state’s has announced there results except Delta n Edo.Believe me that the remaining Hausa or Northern or APC states that oga JONA will never smell winning in those states,so people of Nigeria let us thank God for the change has come.Is now APC all the way n PDP all the Cry. Jona should pack his load with his millitants n arm robbers to his village n prepare to answer sir to Buhari.Jona must be a subject to Buhari wether he likes it or not,God punish Devil for Jona head.

  29. no buhari can’nt rule us noo, goodluck most win.and dis time nigeria most be better..GOD bless nigeria amem

  30. Am standing on the authority of the most high God. Am declaring peace and prosperity on our land from 2015 till infinity cause all the years that the devil have stolen they will surely be restored. Say no to religious and tribal sentiment.

  31. Buhari will Islamize Nigeria. One thing people do not know is this, remember what buhari did to Igbo leaders, he is a bad man. You people that supported him will regret this.

  32. Jst wait till d final result b4 u comment dont b carried away by d result so far yet bcos dis is naija it is not over until it is over. So let pray for our nation

  33. every leader weda gud or bad is being odained by God read ur bible so lets stop all these religious talk ad move on wit who ever wins…..God has chooosed him inrespective of d religion ad des is notin anyone can do abt it.

  34. Congratulations, APC. I am happy that Buhari has won, let us see that magic he is going to perform that he has being professing since 1999.

    To say the truth, Buhari is going to be a big regret to Nigerians. I pray God to have mercy on Nigerians.

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