Regina Daniels Phone Number: Contact Telephone No Of Nigerian Actress Who Recently Marked 16th Birthday

regina daniels phone number

Updated March 20, 2018- Regina Daniels Phone Number: Contact Telephone No Of Nigerian Actress Who Recently Marked 16th Birthday

I believe you are on this page in search of Nollywood actress Regina Daniel’s phone number, please note! Since she is a teenager, there is no public phone number made available for her online.

However there is another way of getting across to her.

If you visit her official Instagram profile @regina.daniels, you will see the contact information of her spokesperson on the top.

As at today, Sunday the 9th of April 2017, the contact information of her PR person is [email protected] If you write that email, you are sure of getting a reply .

You can also follow her on Instagram, if she follows you back, you can send a direct message to her.

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324 thoughts on “Regina Daniels Phone Number: Contact Telephone No Of Nigerian Actress Who Recently Marked 16th Birthday

  1. I love you regina daniel how I wish i will make it
    you too beautiful is frank ikechukwu which you know on Facebook goodnight

    • Please my dear Regina I have being sending messages to you on facebook but no reply I love the way you act please my number is 08068032805

  2. Regina Daniel I want you to know that a moment of happiness cover many years of sorrows,happiness shall be yours, I appreciate your doings and may GOD bless you, it is true that it is not who we are that underneath us but what we do that defines us, remain bless for ever. Thanks!

  3. Honestly Regina ,have been looking for a way to reach u but all to no avail ,do me a favour , try sending me ur WhatsApp number so we can chat ,I also wanna b an actress just like u

  4. Hi Regina Daniel I love watching all ur movies ur the best actor I ever seen your beautiful I wish I could talk to you on phone or Snapchat or Instagram 07564740963 that my number u can text me I also wish I could meet u one day an in Manchester right now am watching one of your movies called tears in the rain season 2

  5. Hi Regina Daniel I love all your movies ur the best actor I wish I could talk to you on phone or Snapchat or Instagram
    And ur so beautiful my number is+447564740963 text me or call me or WhatsApp me and I wish I could meet you one day
    In Manchester and right now am watching one of ur movies called tears in the rain season 2 is the best movie
    When ever am sad or angry I just put one of your movies on to calm me down Regina Daniel
    I love ur act????????????

  6. Its well, dear am not an actor but a prophet that loves singing, the trend you are now you are afraid to hold a break, but if you should keep on speeding, am afraid its well with the end, any man of God may quote me wrong, but you are not by yourself.

    THIS IS MY NUMBER 090****832

  8. I want to join Nollywood please somebody should,really need a connection to Nollywood here is my number 09adf0385

  9. my name is manafa Samuel from Anambra state please I need your help,I want to be an actor please help me Regina Daniel here is my number 090***00385

  10. Hi,regina ur acting inspired me alot,never b discourage of what peolple think or talk abt you,divinity does nothing to humanity until some one pray.i love u dear.dis my number i will love to have a chat with u pls…090****50285

    • Hi rejina my name is innocent Mark from Lagos, I really love the way you acting, and I love all your movies, I will like to see you practical if it is posable,thanks my regard

  11. Pls i like the were u act on movie. pls this is my number 08104849591. just message me pls add me on Facebook don Chris

  12. I love u so Regina and ur movies.i pray for more strength for heigher name is Ifeoma n here is my number 0706****10

  13. hello regina i love you so much i will never forget you my name is Derick from Cameroon +23****12345 please i will be so glad if you call or text me back
    thanks sweet heart

  14. All i have for you is a simple word of advice… Pls dont be in a hurry to grow up.
    Continue to be your age and dont try to mimick what you see other actresses do.
    You are already a star.

  15. Regina Daniel u are a little upcoming prostitute. You feel so big and 2 much pumpous of itself. I hate u xo u can go 2 hell, ur mama dere, ur mama Toto de smell, ur Toto 2 de smell. Dirty ashawo…

  16. It is I O1,AKA*EZE UDO* ????????????????????????????????, just love the way you act,hope to see you in my new and first music video which I made for our state (anambra) and thanks to God too, email.

  17. jeeezz…all these comments are funny…biko, i no fit laugh oo…
    guys are falling my hand…is it becoz she is an actress… guys, where is ur pride??? stop posting crap on blogs over a girl that knoweth not ur existence….

  18. feel so great to be here, I would love to be in touch with you I am Joshua, an upcoming actor, #Happy Christmas.

  19. just scroll all comments and reply the person your heart pick. the fact is that you are all men’s dream, every one wish to have you by their side.
    mine is 07064999799

  20. hi sis happy birthday to u long life an prosperity please I have a sister who love acting please I need your help her name is Goodnews Henshaw please I need your help thanks for reading this message may God bless u an you shall end up being a great superstar known in the world

  21. Lol….. OMG, guys na….. abeg stop acting so lame, like seriously all this messages been cracking up my ribs, if you need her phone number, go where you can get it, add her on instagram with hope or go look for her in person, shebi na you talk say you love her, stop spoiling our eyes here o. haha….

  22. a word of advice do not allow wat u c or wat u ear make u feel pompous cos it will suddenly lead u to ur early fall.

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