Regina Daniels Phone Number: Contact Telephone No Of Nigerian Actress Who Recently Marked 16th Birthday

regina daniels phone number

Updated March 20, 2018- Regina Daniels Phone Number: Contact Telephone No Of Nigerian Actress Who Recently Marked 16th Birthday

I believe you are on this page in search of Nollywood actress Regina Daniel’s phone number, please note! Since she is a teenager, there is no public phone number made available for her online.

However there is another way of getting across to her.

If you visit her official Instagram profile @regina.daniels, you will see the contact information of her spokesperson on the top.

As at today, Sunday the 9th of April 2017, the contact information of her PR person is [email protected] If you write that email, you are sure of getting a reply .

You can also follow her on Instagram, if she follows you back, you can send a direct message to her.

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324 thoughts on “Regina Daniels Phone Number: Contact Telephone No Of Nigerian Actress Who Recently Marked 16th Birthday

  1. you rock my dear Regina, be careful may some no kidnap u o. fame good o, any body interested in meeting me because I will be a celebrity in 2020, the earlier the better. Lol

  2. hi baby, u are supersonic. The seraphic and angelic smile on your face, can indisputably, make a right thinking boy forget his surname. plz, I love to have u as my wife. Thank you and stay blessed.

    This is mobile number..+234*****2387.

  3. hmmmm…when one’s time is man can stop the fame!….may God continue to guide you dear and bless us all too….amen.

  4. U re so gud,lovely n beautiful in every movie of urs..very hardworking.. My dreams is dat i will like to meet some days.

  5. Hello Regina, you are my role-model. You have inspired me alot to take on acting as my dream. I love acting and am really good at it buh I will be much happy if you can help me. Thanks alot!

  6. Hi dear hope you’re doing great this new year. I’m one of your greatest fan. Love what you do. Keep it up. See you at the top one day.

  7. hi dear regina,how are u doing
    I knw we don’t knw me,but one day we shall
    Metpls y don’t u have my number we have
    A lot to talk-09069628467

  8. You are awesome and stay #cool and I am your favorite fan of all time. And I love your movies

  9. It Would Be A Great Honour To Meet You.. Just Hope Ur Physical Beauty Is Attached To Ur Heart. Just Want To Be A Friend Reg.

  10. I love your film and i aslo want to be an anctor please ma this is my number please ma send me ur number

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  12. I’m so happy to meet a star like you. you are a great woman. I really want to be an actress like you please give me a chance to prove it.

  13. Hello Regina Daniels, how are you doing and your family. Am really interested in acting. That has been my dreams all through, I have search and search for me to get the real Nollywood actor or actress but all was in vain. Please if you can help me out I will appreciate. Have wonderful and fabulous days ahead. THANKS…….

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