Rev Anita Says She Won’t Reconcile With Pastor Chris Oyakhilome; Divorce Lawyers Say Her Decision Is Final

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Sept 2nd, 2014Rev Anita Says She Won’t Reconcile With Pastor Chris Oyakhilome; Divorce Lawyers Say Her Decision Is Final & She Has Ended The Marriage

While many are still hoping for a reconciliation between Christ Embassy’s First Couple, Rev. Anita and Chris Oyakhilome, her lawyers just confirmed this afternoon that their client says her decision is final.

Hear what Anita’s UK-based lawyers said about the divorce proceedings:

“It is with great sadness that our client, Pastor Anita Oyakhilome, has come to the conclusion that her marriage to Pastor Christian Oyakhilome has irretrievably broken down and regrettably there is no hope of any reconciliation. We can confirm that Pastor Anita Oyakhilome has commenced divorce proceedings in London as she resides in the UK.”

A very close source said the next step in the divorce proceedings is property sharing.

The source said she is going to get Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s multi million dollars hotel in London and some properties in South Africa and Nigeria.

I think there is more to this marriage crash we don’t know about. May God help them.

18 thoughts on “Rev Anita Says She Won’t Reconcile With Pastor Chris Oyakhilome; Divorce Lawyers Say Her Decision Is Final

  1. The devil is at work, but God will exposed them in Jesus name amen,pls dont stop praying for this family.

  2. God help.!!!!!!!!. Any way , Divorce is better dan obituary, after all, if she dies of hartattack, it will not take up to six months for d man to remary like d rest of dem.

  3. More money more problem…their problem is more than what we are reading on news and this their issue confirms once again that behind every rumor,there is atom of truth. It started a long time ago,when issue of money laundering came up.Let God take control.

  4. “Rhapsody of reality!” Its a pity indd. I think ds z wy Christ ddnt marry neither dd his priests… As d followers of some pastors c them as small gods, infallible, many may c divorce as a no big deal bc their mentor dd same. Am afraid, many very many couples globally may separate bc of ds pastors divorce wch shouldn’t b so, dey ar human, flesh n blood. I pray dey reconcile

  5. Nawa oooo,dis woman just gave her hubby d embarrassment of his life nd church,my brother is still claimin dat dey wud neva divor,he’s readin it on blogs,he still dey use faith for dem,dis 2 don’t knw d people dey’ll shatter their hearts wit dis divorce,my bro na number 1,cos he no go sit mouth talk again!

  6. You guys must be careful about white ******,they dont have human feelings at all,so becareful hse has gotten another sex partner already

  7. hmmm is a real war between chris ad anita, 4 anita to go to dis length tht means she has endure enough, inshort thts a total disgrace on chris ad am sure dis is the time all christian should wake up frm their slumber ad be close to God rather thn depending on so called pastors to pray 4 thm.

  8. I just think this is more than what the news is all about, and that she still want to cover up shame or something for her divorced husband,,,,,,she wont say that she dont preach;Forgiveness,Happy Family,Underatsnding to people or is it better said than done?

  9. may the good lord give them the grace to stay together, separation is not the solution to marital crisis, the bible made us to know that marriage is between a man and a woman until death do them part (Matthew 19:4-6), let us always ask God to give us our own wife or husband for a perfect marriage.

  10. i think her lawyer is very happy because he knows that something will comes out. peopel should know that you can not teach God when you are doing his work for your selfish or interest and not in the spirit it is always goes this way, i mean in zero 0000. know your calling and have a vision from God because without vision peopel are perish. so think twice and know your position from the side of God so that you will not end up in zero 0000 after all your effort on earlth.

  11. Pastor I want to go and listen to R-Kelly.. when a woman is fed up, there is nothing you can do about it. And it can never be the same again. Pastor, you are a fine boy, and God will continue to be with you because u call for reconciliation. Even if you are guilty of the accusation, forget that u are a pastor, we are humans and God will forgive you and continue to be with you.. its only God that can never change.

  12. Very funny indid..insinuating that Devel is at work is a joke! This is a bigtime blunders. Rev. Anita has the family marital secret, she will be smilling all the way to the “BANK”. Pastor contolling multi-million dollars hotel and more? Pay day.

  13. May the couple esteem more highly the bigger family of Christ and the damage their divorce is causing. Can the wife humble for ” love covers a multitude of sins and we are not called to go to the world for the world to solve our differences. Please, please Anita don’t take that path, , learn from Mrs Benny Hin and change your divorce suit before it is too late. God is for the marriage, satan for the divorce .

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