REVEALED: How D’banj Disgraced Don Jazzy During Ben Bruce’s Birthday Party


Feb 20, 2016 – REVEALED: How D’banj Intentionally Disgraced Don Jazzy During Ben Bruce’s Birthday Party

The rivalry battle between two old friends and music stars, D’Banj and Don Jazzy seems yet to abate as evidently shown Friday night at the 60th birthday celebration of Senator Ben Murray Bruce, showbiz mogul turned politician.

Our correspondent gathered that foremost producer and Mavin Records boss Don Jazzy was at Eko Hotels & Suites venue of the birthday bash along with his erstwhile bosom friend, D’Banj and birthday celebrant, Murray Bruce, a Senator representing Bayelsa East.

D’Banj, midway into his performance, had paused to invite Bruce on stage and told everyone of the Silverbird Group founder’s birthday request that the one-time buddies and business partners (Don Jazzy and D’Banj) should honour him (Bruce) by reuniting to make one more song.

The Kokomaster said he sees the possibility of working with Don Jazzy again once his friend is ready.
“Consider this request done sir. I am ready. Once Don Jazzy provides me with the beat, I am ready to lay on song on the beat,” D’Banj said.

Right there a little drama ensued.

Don Jazzy was invited to join them on stage but the prolific hitmaker tactfully declined the persistent calls, even from Senator Murray Bruce. He was later discovered to have left the party.
This set tongues wagging that Don Jazzy deliberately sneaked out to avoid performing with D’Banj and not willing to settle their rift.

This assumption gained fillip after the Kokomaster hinted that he had actually asked Don Jazzy back stage earlier to kindly join him on stage during his own performance.

But as the news that he deliberately snubbed D’Banj got to him, followed by the flurry of Twitter message from some fans who bombarded him with questions about why he had to sneak out of the venue, Don Jazzy immediately took to his Twitter timeline to explain reasons for his action.

Don Jazzy said he had left the venue long before D’Banj mounted the stage and already declined performing with other artistes at the same event.
His tweets: “Haba na whats going on pls?…I already announced that I am taking a break from being an artiste. Hence why I didn’t perform ‘Surulere’ with Dr Sid and ‘Concur’ with Timaya…

“My team also performed tonight na guys. I didn’t show up. I am not an artiste, I take GOD beg una… Moreover I had left the venue way before Dbanj’s performance though.”
The Mavin Records boss further added that contrary to those insinuations that he was avoid making up with his erstwhile friend, he said himself and D’Banj have performed together three times in the last one year.

“But now I’m on a break oooo,” he ended his tweets.

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18 thoughts on “REVEALED: How D’banj Disgraced Don Jazzy During Ben Bruce’s Birthday Party

  1. @least U should ve honoured de Senator wit that. Na lie U dey talk jor. Igbo, dem like beef like dey want some. #Offpoint

  2. I doesn’t send wetin I can’t posibul to understand. But wetin I want to telling them is say if they was not forgive each other come die, the two both of them will going to hell fire. Na it make me I cannot posibul to vex too much. If you are do me something now, I go forgive you shap shap bicos I not knowing when I want to die. I be Arsenal fans sef. Is wetin I am be forever bicos them sabi play ball. If you see how Ozil is passing the ball up and down make Jirud get am, you go know. But Jiruud is make me vex sometimes.

  3. And I de forgive Jiruud if he make me to vex. So make we not vex anyhow. Make we forgiving one of each others. If it can dey posibul, I for forgive D’banj on behaf with Don Jazzi and Forgive Don Jazzy on behaf with D’banj. But it cannot dey psibul because if somebody was make you vex, na only you go forgive am. Nobody in else can forgive am on behaf with you.

  4. I can c dt D‘banj is secretly seekin 4 4gvnss is just dt he is backin dt moves up wt sm amount of pride maybe bc he also feel fulfilled as a master of hmslf nw. A cat may look at a king.

    Don J on his pt, wld hv appreciated it more if his frnd wld cm out completely out his shell of pride.

    Don J, I just hope u ar readin dis… Pls do 4gv ur frnd of his offence n u guys shld mk up bc 2 err is human bt 2 4gv is divine, so d sayin goes…


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