Rita Dominic Calls Off Wedding, Breaks Up With Fiance At Last Minute..Reveals Why She Changed Her Mind

rita dominic calls off wedding breaks up fiance

Rita Dominic Cancels Wedding Plan, Breaks Up With Fiance At Last Minute, Actress Reveals Why She Changed Her Mind

43-year-old Nollywood actress Rita Dominic has finally revealed why she is yet to get married.

In a short clip from her recent interview with TV Continental, the Mbaise Queen revealed that her last relationship almost ended in marriage before she changed her mind at the last minute.

The actress said the attitude of her ex turned her off.

According to her, after staying in the relationship for while hoping her fiance will change, she decided to pull the plug because it is delusional to believe that she can change him.

Watch the viral clip below

It is widely believed that the person she almost married is fellow actor Femi Jacobs.

At age 43, the actress seems to have no marriage plan.

16 thoughts on “Rita Dominic Calls Off Wedding, Breaks Up With Fiance At Last Minute..Reveals Why She Changed Her Mind

  1. next door neighbor just got married at 54 so Queen Rita gat lots of time..
    meanwhile did you try to check if you are the one that really needs some changes?
    just saying ?

    • On Point. Sometime people forget to check themselves before blaming others. May be Rita is possessive. Possessive woman have problem settling down

  2. At 43, yet to be married and looking for perfection? There is no perfect husband, no perfect wife and no perfect marriage anywhere. What’s her problem?

  3. Rita you are no more young again there’s time for a woman to be married and if you feel that you are beauty queen without husband you are deceiving your self .I don’t really know what is happening to our lady actress must of them are satisfied with what God has given them,but if you are having problems with finance try and settle it no matter the decisions you take by yourself just allow the sleeping dog to rest .but you should have not call of the wedding at the Last minute cos your finance is not a masquerade before you see each other . why now ?and all our actress lady should decease from disgrace of their marriage it’s very shameful to be hearing all this bearable attitude .pls Rita go and perform your marriage cos that place that is in your mind do you know wht is going to happen over there it is better to fine black goat in day light then night .pls pls

  4. Some people cannot mine their business! Marriage is not 4 everyone, if it was my uncle at 45 will have. even when he’s financial ok

  5. It is not celebrities only who are getting married late, ordinary people are.
    Rita, you were the lady in the courtship, you know what you went through before you made this crucial decision finally.
    May be you would have cut the relationship off before now, who knows? You went on and truly realised it would not be nice going on??? Kudos to you!
    Rather than the future divorce staring you at the face if you had gone ahead…you took that bold step and you are free. May God bless you.
    Please, pray more, wait on God more, read the Bible more and hope in God much more…THE BEST IS ABOUT TO COME; LOOK OUT FOR IT!

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