SARS Policemen Arrest 5 Kidnappers Alive, Kill Them At Station In Cross River State Without Prosecution

SARs police kill kidnapper station cross river

Nov 9, 2017 – SARS Policemen Arrest 5 Kidnappers Alive, Kill Them At Police Station In Cross River State Without Prosecution [PHOTOS]

On Wednesday, police in Ikom Local Government Area of Cross Rivers State revealed that five kidnappers who kidnapped a business woman, Mrs Asimco and took her into the deep were killed in a gun battle in a forest.

Police reports revealed that some SARS operatives traced the suspects into a forest in Ikom where they engaged them in a gun battle, killed them and rescued the victim alive.

However, conflicting reports from activists, journalists and Cross River citizens claim otherwise.

Journalists who captured the Special Anti Robbery Squad operatives released photos of how the kidnappers were arrested alive and killed moment later at the police station without any form of prosecution.

Photos have been provided by citizens to back the theory up as they have accused the Cross River police of extra-judicial killings.

See what a top Human Rights activist, Iwara U Iwara posted on Facebook yesterday:

17 thoughts on “SARS Policemen Arrest 5 Kidnappers Alive, Kill Them At Station In Cross River State Without Prosecution

  1. Who knows, maybe the police that killed them was part of them and the only way to avoid being exposed was to silence them permanently. Conspiracy theory

  2. nice1,police good job ,first time in history,kill any kidnappers,ritualist and cultis.dont weate time going to court,come today or tommorow, later they walk away free.

  3. One tell that there is police accomplice among them. So, the action of the police in killing them before investigation is to bury the truth.

  4. Are you sure the pictures are the same? The bearded dead man does not appear to be the same person a the heavy-set man seated in the picture of the “alive” men. because the alive man has no beard and his hair style is not the same.
    The colors of clothes of the people in the two photographs are also different.
    It is also questionable that the picture did not show clearly the alleged policemen standing near the vehicle carrying the arrested men. Facts should be certain where allegations as serious as being made here are posted as mischief could lead to consequences beyond sensational reporting.

  5. There’s something fishy
    How on earth can police took law into there hands. When the said Nigeria is dead country,some people doubt it. If we continue like this, in next two years …Nigeria will become once upon a country. Beware people

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