SARS Victim Recounts Ordeal As Lagos Dismisses 4 SARS Police Officers For Robbery, Unlawful Detention & Intimidation

dismissed SARS officers

On Sunday, Lagos Police command announced the dismissal of 4 police officers attached to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Ikeja, over kidnapping, robbery and other crimes.

The dismissed officers, Sgt. Adeoye Adekunle, Sgt. Adekitan Adebowale, Sgt. Agbi Lucky and Sgt. Odighe Hehosa, were dismissed and subsequently charged to court for armed robbery, kidnapping, unlawful detention, and intimidation, as well as threatening violence.

The founder of Behind Bars Initiative and Human Rights activist, Prince Harrison, who spent four years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit is one of those celebrating their dismissal.

According to Harrison, 2 of the dismissed policemen arrested him on the order of Former aide to ex Governor of Delta state, Emmanuel Uduaghan, Barrister Mary Oyibocha Agbajoh.

He was arrested and charged for conspiracy armed robbery, possession of firearms and attempted murder.

Here is what Prince Harrison shared online:

“Between 2011/2012, these criminals were among the officers that sent me to prison after the culprit couldn’t identify me. Order from Barr Mary Oyibocha Agbajoh (Former S.A to Delta State Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan). I was arrested and charged for Conspiracy Armed Robbery, Possession of Firearms and Attempt to Murder.

Today, i decided to reveal the face of the woman who took away four (4) years from me. The woman who caused pains to my parents. The woman who took away my graduation.

Daily i cried to God after i left prison. I didn’t have enough money to get Justice but God is not asleep

Two officers dismissed and behind bars, the remaining are: Inspector Omoregie, Sgt Famous AKA Tallest, Sgt Sunny, Barr. Mary Oyibocha Agbajoh.

4 sars officers dismissed

“Do not rob the poor because he is poor, or crush the afflicted at the gate; for the Lord will plead their case, and take the life of those who rob them” (Proverbs 22:22-23)..”

4 thoughts on “SARS Victim Recounts Ordeal As Lagos Dismisses 4 SARS Police Officers For Robbery, Unlawful Detention & Intimidation

  1. sue the damn ladyfor unlawful incarceration and lets see how it plays out.common special adviser,politician appointee with no value…we know many innocent people awaiting trials because of the high and mighty.sars my foot

  2. I can feel your pain Bro..100% God never sleep, God will multiple those 4 years to be a greater blessing to you…Amen!
    Nigeria is a lawless country. May God save the poor.

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