Senate Thug Dino Melaye Threatens To Slap Tinubu’s Wife & Kill Witnesses At Saraki Forgery Trial

dino melaye slap tinubu wife

July 12, 2016 – Senate Tout Dino Melaye Threatens To Beat Up Tinubu’s Wife Remi Tinubu & Kill Witnesses At Saraki Forgery Trial

Nigeria’s upper legislative chamber broke into an uproar today with some members threatening President Muhammad Buhari with impeachment, and Dino Melaye threatening to ‘impregnate’ Remi Tinubu, the wife of the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Leader,Saharareporters reports..

The Senators who met behind closed doors were incensed by the proposed trial of the leadership of the Senate for forgery.

Shortly after commencement of a plenary session, Senator Dino Melaye (APC Kogi West) said in his remarks that the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, must be brought before the Senate to be thoroughly grilled and humiliated for charging the Senate leadership with forgery in court.

Mr. Melaye called on the Senators in attendance to fight the presidency to a standstill. In his rant, he issued a wide variety of threats.

Recognized to speak, Senator Remi Tinubu (APC) Lagos Central said the Senate should not be reduced to a kindergarten where Senators could just issue childish threats, and called on Senators to close ranks and seek reconciliation amongst its members.

That was when Melaye flew into rage, calling her names.
“I will beat you up and impregnate you on this floor and nothing will happen,” he threatened.

The statement caused a commotion on the floor as Senators in her support gathered to protect her. Senate President Saraki nodded as Melaye called mrs. Tinubu unprintable names according to Senators who intervened to save her from the rampaging Melaye.
Leading the offensive in support of Melaye were Senators Danjuma Goje, Jibrin Barau, Isa Misau and Peter Nwaoboshi.

A source told SaharaReporters there had been a series of meetings at the home of Senator Aliyu Wamakko (APC, Sokoto) to plot a total onslaught on President Buhari in the coming days.

In addition, the Senators held to be behind the current forgery trial were threatened by the like-minded Senators, with Melaye threatening to kill anyone who shows up in court to testify against Saraki and Ekweremadu.

[Sahara Reporter]

18 thoughts on “Senate Thug Dino Melaye Threatens To Slap Tinubu’s Wife & Kill Witnesses At Saraki Forgery Trial

  1. Honestly, Senator Dino Melaye could easily carry out his threats of beating a fellow female senator on that floor of redicules, shame, corruption, and immorality where vagabonds that called themselves senators meet to loot our national treasure and defense their fellow looter called Bukola Saraki. This shameful altitudes of these idiots that care not about the affairs of the people is the reason why our democracy is in serious mess since the inception in 1999. Only in Nigeria can a senator beat his or her colleagues without been sent to jail for assault, national shame, unethical and criminal acts. They are more concerns about protecting criminal Bukola Saraki than doing the business of the people they are elected to do at the Senate floor. This is no news to me, thiz is just another show of shame by some heartless vagabonds in power. Democracy in Nigeria as defined by majority of our criminal senators and corrupt governors as the government for their own selfish interests and nothing for millions of suffering Nigerian people. What a shame!

  2. Agbada la ri lorun awon odanran, jegudujera, and awon obayeje eniyan. Awon ojelu wa di oselu ni ile Nigeria. Association of corrupt bastards that are there to protect their fellow looters, wicked robbers, corrupt bastards and shameless idiots. Association of vagabonds in power. God Almighty will surely bring down the reign of the wicked with time. Watch and see. Where is Abacha, Sadam Hussein, Mohammd Gaddafi, and those to have treated their people like piece of nothing.

  3. this people have started to disgrace their selves leaders lead by examples. this man called Dino shld calm down expect he will meet his waterloo. u don’t threatened people, talkess of beating someone’s wife

  4. Mere looking at Dino Melaye you will no his capable of carrying out his threats. One thing these fools don’t realise is that vanity upon vanity all is vanity. Where’s former Governor of bayelsa? Upon all he stole while alive, he was buried with nothing. Corrupt fools, who called themselves leader.

  5. This shameless old fool called Dino is nothing but a nonentity.This same idiot was behind the crisis that erupted in the lower chamber when Hon.Dimeji Bankole was speaker.This shameless old fool was beaten to stupor,and his clothes were thorn to pieces in the show of shame he displayed.The bastard of the house has manoeuvred his way into the upper chamber to destabilise the activities of the house again.This bastard cannot manage his family. Oloriburuku,ill advise you go to your village and beat and impregnate your mother first.His colleagues need to be very careful while dealing with him because he would stab them at the back.Dino can poison and kill to get his way. Distinguish Senators, have it at the back of your mind that Dino should never be trusted.Dont leave your food or drink under the watch eyes of Dino Melaye.He can kill.

  6. This politicians are ready to do anything for money and power, imagine this fool called Dino a mere thug.
    He needs to be taught a lesson once more for wagging his tongue anyhow, fayose brother.
    And imagine one nollywood actress having a child for the fool at d end of d day he didn’t accept the shows how low he can get, very irresponsible.

  7. Honestly an irresponsible man. It shows that all we heard about him beating his wife and how he impregnated a nollywood actress and his refusal to take responsibility is true. Why did people of Kogi cast their votes for somebody like this for God’s sake. Just beat Jagaban’s wife and end your political career. In fact, the chieftaincy title given to Dino of recent in Ijesha should be withdrawn….

  8. @atr you’re right.I don’t think the Ijesa monarch that gave this nonentity,bastard called Dino the chieftaincy title of “Agba akin” is in his right state of mind. That title is not what you give out to someone in person of Dino.It is a title that is meant for an indigene of that town or a responsible person with good character and background,the qualities Dino do not possessed.Don’t be surprised to hear later that the monarch sold that title to this bastard.There are no contracts again,so,some monarchs have resolved to selling chieftancy titles and their conscience in return for money.

  9. mere saying it without carrying out his threats is enough to prosecute him for assault, unethical and criminal act. Dino Melaye had intention to do something bad yesterday, hence, his dressing style. he had something up his sleeves. Yeye Oluremi should be more careful not to sit close to him anywhere at all. we know his kinds, they always put gbetugbetu under their agbada. But GOD will return all his plans back to him cos Remi Tinubu is covered with the blood of Jesus. we are watching. Dino Melaye, o ti fi ori ja ile agbon

  10. what make tinubu wife a senator? is nt d same corrputions is she the only woman in Lagos? or is Tinubu family d only family in APC in Lagos? she is also a Thug that is why d husband said her.

  11. @atr I agree with you. I think that Ijesa monarch that bestowed on this bastard the chieftaincy title of “Agba akin” is not in his right state of mind. Such titles are not meant for nonentities like Dino,rather,its a title meant for an indigine of the town or a responsible person with good background.The era of contracts for monarchs has gone so some monarchs have resolved to giving chieftaintancy titles and selling their consciences in return for money.One could be sure that Dino bought that title.

  12. This chap is not fit to be in the upper chamber.Am short of words for our legislative arm.

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