Serena Williams Falls Sick After Eating Dog Food At Her Hotel

serena williams falls sick eating dog food

May 14, 2016 – Serena Williams Falls Sick After Eating Dog Food At Her Hotel

The 34-year-old American athlete told her Instagram fans that a dog meal served at the hotel she lodged in during the Italian Open has messed up her system.

Miss Williams said she fell ill after eating dog food hours before reaching the last eight of the Italian open.

serena williams eat dog food

She mistakenly ate the food meant for her dog, Chip before beating fellow American, Christina McHale in straight sets in Rome.

“I thought ‘what the heck, I’m gonna try a piece, it looks good’. Fast forward two hours, I just ran to the toilet like I thought I was going to pass out. It did taste weird. It tasted kind of like house cleaner. I don’t know what they put in these dog foods, but Chip liked it. “I don’t think it’s consumable for humans. So now I feel really sick. It was just a spoonful, but I don’t feel so good.” – Williams explained in a video posted on Snapchat.

9 thoughts on “Serena Williams Falls Sick After Eating Dog Food At Her Hotel

  1. He he hehehehehehe, this oyinbo people will not cease to amuse me. Is there no difference btw dog food and human food? Hehehehehe yeye dy smell.

    • She is not Oyibo. She is a stupid Black lady who once stated her dislike of Black people and will never date or marry a Black person. I bet you, one will not be surprised if she does what many white women do with their dogs, and that is have sex with the dog. Why take your dog to Italy for a tournament? why not leave the damn dog behind in America? I sincerely believe she does have sex with the dog.

  2. Why do u hv to go for it wen u vivdly knew d food is mean’t for d dog..
    Well no matter what a spoon full will do no harm to u…just embrace d little reaction in ur stomach..
    Congrat for d winning thoo

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