Shocking: Poor Indian Parents Give Baby Python Snakes To Play With As Toys

indian baby python snake

Nov 16, 2012 – Shocking: Poor Indian Parents Give Baby Python Snakes To Play With As Toys

To 6-month-old Indian baby toddler, Sidhi Siddharth Sinune, the python snake in the picture above is a her everyday toy.

Because her parents who work as farmers couldn’t afford to buy her a toy, his father, a popular snake catcher said he brings deadly pythons home for his daughter to play with as toys.indian baby play with snakes

Shockingly while little Sidhi’s parents are working on the farm in Maharashtra, the baby spends her time in the company of this deadly creature that could kill her by swallowing or constriction.

indian baby live python snake

Sidhi Siddharth Sinune crawls behind the python and shrieks in delight as it weaves through her tiny legs.

The baby even gives the deadly creature a playfully bites which might result in retaliatory play with python

According to her father, Sidhi loves playing with snakes

‘Being a poor farmer, I can’t buy her costly toys but I can get her snakes to play with. – Sidhi’s father said


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31 thoughts on “Shocking: Poor Indian Parents Give Baby Python Snakes To Play With As Toys

  1. what kind of man is he? He could get any thing for his child to play with than deadly nd poisonous snake. snakes

    • We are not stupid it is u that is stupid do u think Nigerians would do that NO NA wA we are not stupid BC their country is

  2. Though it might look dangerous 2 many peepz but if u can look carefully @ d pix, u will c dat dose snakes are nt poisonous. Being poor dosnt says he shuld b daft 2 giv his daught dangerous snake 2 play wit.

  3. The man is stupid.Yes!but snake catching is his profession…He knws better.EG in a part of anambra state,wen new residents come in,a python comes arnd to welcome u n u most not kill it.They say it’s tradition n sincerely d snake doesn’t hurt anyone.

  4. The snake catcher is a magician. He has charmed the python and turn it to a toothless bull dog that cannot bite. If it is not so, he is then launching a crusade on dangerous ground.

  5. dis is a serious initiation . He is initiating her to python spirit kingdom n is telling us he can’t afford a toy. May God deliver dem…

  6. Am really sure dat he has magical power, but am so sorry 4 him d day it fails he nd he will watch wat he calls toy swallow his baby.

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