Sikiratu Sindodo: I’m Still Dating Sule Alao Malaika

sikiratu sindodo dating malaika

Nov 23, 2012 – Sikiratu Sindodo: I’m Still Dating Sule Alao Malaika

Nigerian star actress Tayo Odueke aka Sikiratu Sindodo in a recent interview granted to a popular Lagos-based magazine has debunked the rumour that she has ended her romance with Fuji musician, Sule Alao Malaika.

According to the actress who recently returns to Nigeria from the premiere of her latest movie WuraWunmi that took place in the United States, she said the rumour is not true.

sikiratu dating malaika

Sikiratu surprises Malaika with birthday bash

In her own words below:

“I’m still together with Alao Malaika. Both of us travelled to America for the premiere of my latest movie, Wura Wunmi and we came back together this past week. People who came to Wura Wunmi’s premiere can testify to this. Kindly disregard such rumour”

34 thoughts on “Sikiratu Sindodo: I’m Still Dating Sule Alao Malaika

  1. Who cares till together or not, why cant u both setteldown,by marrying one another,since so long in love, just have s…. all the time,any way the Nollywood marriage 85% break down just few yrs.

  2. Is beta not 2 waste ur time.if u know u realy luv him,married him guickly bcs time dos not wait 4 anybody.

  3. sule alao mailaka his one of the responsible musician,who av plane and determination.i believed that he dont won’t to married an davioce the marriage.that is why he keep long dating with sikiratu sindodo.that is nice ideal.

  4. i knw dat 4 both of them dating without sex is senseless,sex should nt be a germane reason for a relationship but if they felt that they can continue,they should do that in marriage….moreover,BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCKS TOGETHER!

  5. Malaika can not married sindodo,she was only forching herself on we all know that malaika and mc oluomo are good friend,for this reason,he can’t married her.

  6. Sindodo dn’t deceive urself, Malaika can never marry u cos u’re MC second hand! Pls go and look 4 a responsible man and marry

  7. mala pls don’t do it cus i luv ur music nd style. Tell sindodo 2 go back 2 her former husband (olu-omo l’oshodi), bcus we all look at u as a responsible person.

  8. Sindodo,you no malaika have 2wife,if malaika can take you as third wife no shit, you can go with him.

  9. jagaban noting do u joor if she wntto marry u no problem mee lo lorun wi…………mr imekun alhaji feel u allways

  10. U can only furse a horse 2d river u can’t furse it 2drink water..u people can’t debate about them.they av their final say,they can marry their self if they like!

    • I knw my mentor,says of sindodo said nobody cnt stop m datin jagaba,alhaji said if person love me i wil love the person.MAY GOD STAY WITH U TIL ENDIN OF YOUR LIF (AMIN) EVE Til THE DAY OF CACULATION

  11. Let her kuku marry the two of them it has happen before in kenya,but femi be ware of Hiv as you go marrying aboudant property

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