Sinach: I Didn’t Like My Husband When I First Met Him At Christ Embassy

sinach didn't like husband

August 21, 2016 – Sinach: I Didn’t Like My Husband When I First Met Him At Christ Embassy

Excerpts from popular gospel singer Osinachi Kalu aka Sinach’s recent chat with Razzle Dazzle

How Did You Start Your Musical Career

“I fell in love with music quite early. My mom told me stories of how I imitated singers on TV. As I grew older, I became an active member of a drama and music group in school. I was also in the church choir.

I just love music. However, music took a different turn for me when I gave my life to Jesus and it played a major role on how I came to Christ. During my first year in the university, I was invited to church one Sunday morning, when I got to church, I saw so many young people who looked very happy and lively, unlike what I was used to.

I also observed that the music team was so good and that totally impressed me. I wanted what they had, so when the Pastor made a call for salvation, I rushed forward and gave my life to Jesus. I joined the choir after that and as I served in the choir, I discovered that I had the gift of writing music,”.

How Did You Meet Your Husband?

“I met my husband in church during one of our international conferences.

I wasn’t immediately attracted to him because I didn’t know him well enough. We started talking on the phone and it took us another two to three years before we met properly’.

15 thoughts on “Sinach: I Didn’t Like My Husband When I First Met Him At Christ Embassy

    • Sinach you are a inspiration to me and family we love all of your songs …i thank you God for you your song bless me up strengthen me keep to focus more on God our deliverer Sinach you are bless and no one cannot take that from you
      Yes God did send you to open people eyes to see the Almighty that he is Great .
      .Thank you keep on going from strength to strength love you all.

    • Sinach i love you so much each of your songs make me always happy any time i listings to your sweet and wonderful songs i feel so much gladness and joy in my hear i pray that Almight God continue bless you more and more

  1. But now, you love him! That is life for you. Some time you need to do thing your heart ask you to not that you love it

  2. I have never heard of you, discovered yoIu on Youtube, and my husband and I are blessed as we have been watching you in a concert in Kenya! I enjoy singing and believing God for open up doors to minister in song and to write. Mrs. Cloud from the USA

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