Snake Found On Emirates Flight Heading To UAE From Muscat Oman

snake spotted emirates flightFile photo

January 11, 2017 –Snake Spotted On Emirates Plane Heading To UAE From Muscat Oman

Emirates Airlines cancelled one of its flights scheduled to depart Oman to the United Arab Emirates on Sunday after spotting a snake in the cargo hold.

Because the snake was detected prior to passengers boarding on the 8th of January 2017, the flight was eventually cancelled to allow the cleaning team and engineers to re-check the aircraft to see if there were any other reptile on board.

The specie of the snake is yet to be confirmed.

4 thoughts on “Snake Found On Emirates Flight Heading To UAE From Muscat Oman

  1. Otis frightening because it was detected. Nobody knows how many undetected potential hair raising incidents passengers are protected from on daily basis.
    However, it is rumored that snakes cannot survive at certain altitudes but the truth of that assertion is not ascertained. @ Metu and @ omokehinde perhaps you should research that and educate us as you are knowledgable on so many topics please ?

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