Cossy Orjiakor Receiving Death Threats – Some People Are After My Life

Cossy Orjiakor born again

Oct 2nd, 2012 – Cossy Orjiakor Receiving Death Threats – “Some People Are After My Life ”

Naija Boob Queen, Cossy Orjiakor today claims her life is in danger.

According to tweets from the star, she called the police to arrest one Mike Augustine who allegedly stole her laptop while doing some electrical repairs in her house and since his arrest, some people have been threatening her.

See her tweets below

cossy orjiakor threats

13 thoughts on “Cossy Orjiakor Receiving Death Threats – Some People Are After My Life

  1. don worry sista, God will save u but u av to give your life 2 Christ n stop exposing all God has given u. God bless u.

  2. COSSY ORJIAKOR, na only u get this thing wee dey for your front or with your friends.Your baby no get problem and will not be hungry any more.

  3. advert of breast they ar nt after ur life bt ur breast and to f**k u wel. Y ar they nt after dos who dres decently? 9ja let turn back we ar nearly strol abt neakedly. WHY?

  4. Y won’t they be after u dat u put al ur breasts outsid and don’t won’t to giv dem giv dem nw since na watin u self want {indicent dressing}

  5. Cossy they won’t kill u,al dey need is to fuck u wit ur breast at dia hand dangling…..til u close it.

  6. I know cossy has not been a good example but guys you need to cool it down, the way you talk about this lady could make her think of suicide.she will get better, give her advice and not mock her all the way. People stray, she isn’t the worst person on the planet.

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