Stella Damasus Responds To Husband Snatching Allegations & Romance With Doris Simeon’s Ex

stella damasus husband snatcher

Nov 26, 2014 – Stella Damasus Responds To Husband Snatching Allegations & Romance With Doris Simeon’s Ex, Daniel Ademinokan 

Stella Damasus Golden Icon Interview To Air On December 16, 2014

As we are all aware that Nollywood actress Stella Damasus left Nigeria during the time she was accused of crashing the marriage of her colleague, Doris Simeon and since then, she has battled to remove the husband-snatching stigma attached to her life and career.

Over 3 years later, the mother of two is now ready to face her fears and speak about it openly.

In a down-to-earth interview she granted to Golden Icons TV’s Emma Emerson, the actress opened up on her controversial relationship with Daniel Ademinokan, her late husband and many more.

The interview will air in full on Tuesday the 16th of December 2014.

Watch the interview trailer below:

Not only is she older than Daniel, many believed what she did to Doris Simeon is unfair.

12 thoughts on “Stella Damasus Responds To Husband Snatching Allegations & Romance With Doris Simeon’s Ex

  1. **ly sugar mummy see your chubby cheek even Doris simeon is hotter than you
    D tomboy you snatch from Nigeria will soon cry home and dump you in gutter

  2. Stella Damascus, abeg make you snatch me from my wife. I am with serious abeg upon you. She is worri me both evrydays a week. Be snatch me bifor it is became tuu late.

  3. After all she has a grownup girls, She should even be ashamed of herself, her colleague’s husband for dat matter! Dat Ademinokun is nottin but a junk…

  4. Stella is a shameless bitch of our time!! For three years, you are unable to bear Daniel a child and the woman wrapper is still around you?. The juju will soon fail you. Born husband snatcher!

  5. Stella! Stella! Stella!
    Madam you are a learned lady so I suppose you should know your onions on this issue. I don’t want to make reference on this issue on you and I being a Christian but you know what the bible says on things like this.
    Stella, if ademinokan did not finalize his divorce with Doris before he eloped with you, there and there, you married another woman’s husband.

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